It’s Official: Spaceship-Like Lucas Museum to Land in Exposition Park The $1-billion museum will occupy a prominent site on Vermont Avenue.

” Let put it this way, LOs Angeles is the present and the futur of America Base on it enormous potential and it would have been Dumb not to choose L.A. for such a Monmouth Project. This is where all the investors go These days. Biggest stadium in the world. Biggest boom in a century an Olympic city, Hollywood, city of stars. Basically  The entertainment capital of the world with Nice weather in an anything you can choose to built city. You want to build New or Paris inside Los Angeles you can do it. all you do built all tall buildings in one area and still have space to built Paris with all his museum and chateau .  How can you go Wrong with that. Absolutely not” What a great “.

After months of suspense, Angelenos got the answer they were hoping for: filmmaker George Lucas will build his $1-billion Museum of Narrative Art in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the “Star Wars” creator has selected Exposition Park as the site of his privately-funded legacy project, which will boast a 10,000-piece collection and an endowment in excess of $400 million.  The L.A. bid edged out a competing proposal from San Francisco, which had offered Lucas a waterfront location on the city’s manmade Treasure Island.

In wooing the legendary director, Los Angeles officials marketed the Exposition Park site for its close proximity to public transportation and other major museums.  The adjacency of USC, Lucas’ alma mater, also proved alluring. Read somme more