L.A. Has The Worst Idea On Housing

At a time when affordable housing is a national urban crisis, we usually turn to precious, self-righteous burgs like San Francisco for the most atrocious examples of NIMBYism. But now, Los Angeles may have them all beat.


On March 7, L.A. voters will vote on “Measure S,” which would impost a moratorium on all development citywide that is denser than allowed under the current (old) city planning rules. It would shut down the ability of a thriving city with a lack of housing to build anything close to enough housing to meet demand. Opponents say it would “effectively impose a moratorium on everything from apartment development along transit corridors to office space for a flourishing tech community and even homeless shelters.” The mayor says it would be a disaster for the city’s attempts to meet housing needs. The LA Times, noting that the city is in the midst of a “severe housing crisis,” calls it “unreasonable and irresponsible.” Continu reading