Lakers Nation. A Blunt Message To The Warriors. End it And End it Tomorrow At No Merci. If You Have to Score 50 Points In The First Quarter Do It. I Hope You ReMember What Happened Last Year. The Longger It Goes You Never Know. You Cannot Trust Any Body Around Here.

I am Sure Cleveland is in a Hunt Just Like Last year desperate and looking for any excuses  It Doesn’t matter were that excuse will come from. League , referees , Cash under the table, Provocation of Green , any thing goes. The Longer it Goes their opportunity will grow. I am quiet sure you know that from what happened last year but this is just a reminded. It ant’s  over until it is over . Do not be stupid and give them another excuse . It is desperation time. Continue to read

Slide 4 of 30: Golden State Warriors guard Shaun Livingston (34) lands on Cleveland Cavaliers guard Deron Williams (31) during the second half of Game 4 of basketball's NBA Finals in Cleveland, on June 9.