Lakers Nation: Despite a Lot Of Dumb Plays , Injury and so And so, The Young Lakers still Beat Chicago in Chicago. How Good Will They Be When They stop making Dumb Play? Only Time Will Tell

I have a hard time understanding how The basketball gods The expert didnt see this coming. In 2015 – 2016 Baron Scott was  Hired to Facilitate the departure of Kobe quit Obviously , the key was to not  fall outside of number 3 lottery to add to already bench of good young players another futur star. So the tanking was obvious with a lot of lucks it produced brandon Ingram a multi talented young man with a monster wing span when used effectively on defense specially on his young carrier can cause a lot of damage on defense. yet I saw it coming but the basketball gods, the so call expert didnt see it coming. So how good will they be when they stop making DUMB plays if  They can still beat good teams with more experience despite a lot of DUMB plays. Even Thought Luc Walton didnt have a lot experience as a coach . but for what he did in absence of Steve Curl how did the basketball gods, the so call expert didnt see it coming but I did? he was the most solicited coach in the NBA . Their was a reason for that. Yet the basketball gods didnt see it coming when I did. well Young Lakers keep up with the good work . All The Lakers seem to Have Ice in Their Veins These days .

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Los Angeles Lakers v Chicago Bulls