Lakers Nation: How is Thomas Robinson Energy Is Helping The Lakers when HAssan Whiteside Keep Scoring Back in Every Miss Basket to araise a 19 points and Beat us

Lakers Nation: We are being told all these time that Zubac is a good player and part of The Lakers futur. Can some one tells me How  is Thomas Robinson energy is Going to stop Hassad Wideside molestation of  thomas and the Lakers front court? 60 points in the paints put backs after put backs in the fourth quarter when the game is on the line. How is it possible that their most skilled big man said by them selve to be a Gasol in the making call zubac seating on the bench being save for a reason I cannot understand. You may think with all these injury he should have an opportunity to show his case at least learn from playing not seating on the bench. With the team  loosing any way Why not just put him out there so he can learn.  where is the problem . Let the young guy learn for got sick. I understand this Phil Jackson philosophy of not playing first year players. But he was a winner not a looser. When you loose 10 out of eleven and wants to copy a legend coach who never looses so badly . I think you need to make some changes base on the courant situation not trying to idolize a winning legend by  letting them learn by themselves while they are blowing 19 points games. It doesn’t make sense to me.  We the Fans a tired of Watching no progress what so ever. If you loose and progressing by avoiding past mistakes I can understand. But the same mistakes over and over with learning is ridiculous unless you are trying to tank. Then We will never know how well they have progressed and how can they attract a superstar player with so much loosing. How Long we the Fans are going to continu watching this garbage. read the non sense