Lakers Nation. If The Lakers Think Trading Lu William Will Bring Them A Star They so Say They Need to Get to The next level, They may be in For a Rude Awakening.

Lakers nation. The Lakers may actually get worse without Lu William their best score, their bread and butter from the Bench. The man who saved them so many times. If that Happened that will be demoralizing. I do not think the Lakers can afford to get worse. The last time I check , Magic Johnson said The Lakers are one start  away from becoming competitive. And magic Johnson was A saler to bring one in. I do not see the trade of Lu William bringing the Lakers  a star They so Seek. I do not see the Lakers beating golden State  any time soon. So what the Rush. All we are asking for the Lakers at this time is Improvement. We the fans want to see Improvement not taking chances that may make the matter worse. we didnt see the fruit of Trading Steve Black. There is no reason to believe trading Lu William will Improve things. All The gossip of Trading Players has done to the Lakers is Upset Players for them not To want to play for The Lakers. We have seen it with Gasol. Players refusing to come to the Lakers upset because the Lakers didnt treat Them well while they were here. They Missed on Whiteside as soon as they turn out good with another team suddenly they want them back. All we are asking you is to be patient and improve at This Point. Stop  listening to all the craps from outsiders and people who do not like the Lakers and do not want to see them Improve. Since the passing of Jerry Buss The Lakers have turn into a team with no direction. Jerry West Can store part of that in a limited role base on his age. we all Know what He had done over the years with teams. There is At least confidence there instead of saying we have to move to a new Blood not the past The same mistake the Lakers made refusing to hire Phil Jackson That turn the team into a saga Part of the reason why they are in this mess in the first Place  and still having problem to understand it     Continu to read