Lakers Nation. Is The NBA Fix. How Magical Ramona Sherborne A Lakers Writer was Predicting The Clippers Win in Utah in Game 6? So Magical, Ireland Couldn’t Believe The Prediction. He was So Socked About The prediction, He kept Repeating It. Yes It Did Happen

Lakers Nation. How did Ramona Sherborn a Lakers writer Knew In advance that The Clippers Will Win game 6 against the Jazz. She was so Confident Predicting It . It seems too good to be true .Even Ireland couldn’t believe the prediction. He was so shocked he kept repeating it. Is the NBA a Fix Game. last year we saw Green of The Warriors get Suspended by the league in the final for a minor kick you can barely tell on the video comparing to what he did against OKC and wasn’t suspended. Suddenly Rudy Gobert of the Jazz is complaining about the referees. The Complaint they cannot play defense without fouling. Their strength during the regular season. The Playoff is supposed to be leaner in term of calling fouls. They let you play harder. In this particular game it was the other way around. So you take away some one strength you produce a lost obviously. Last Year the Warriors Leading 3 games to 1. you take away the 3 best player of a team if not the second you produce a lost. to that add their center Bogart being eventually hurt the game after. But you will not hear too many people talking about these facts when they talk about Cleveland winning That championship last year. All we hear is How good LeBron and Irvin was despite the fact they were loosing before that event and loosing badly. they weren’t even a competition to tell you the truth before that event. Just remove Kevin love from Cleveland or Irvin and let them play against the Warriors and let me know the result after I wakeup from my sleep. Are you kidding me ? on top of that the next game remove Tristan. whoa .   Fox it is starting to become questionable to a point where it worth debating.