Lakers Nation. Kuzma Is Not A Rookie Lonzo Ball is. I will not be surprise if he wins rookie of The Year , Congratulation for An Excellent Win

Lakers Nation < Kuzman is unbelievable good. He may one day turn out to be the Lakers best player and I will not be surprise,  When is defense improve and likely to improve this guy will be some thing else. Man Lonzo is really struggling. The Lakers free throws left to be desire. Part of the reason why they loosing games. Way too many free throws missed. If you are the last in the NBA. If that is not enough motivation to worker harder and harder. Sorry you motivation factor may be a problem. The Lakers have so many good players. if they can only shoot free throws. This team will be scary in the future. If I was LeBron James and do not win a championship this year. I will really pay attention to this team. they are so young and can expend his career by a lot and win multiple championship even surpass Jordan 6 championship. Lakers news

Lakers surprise Rockets with impressive win and snap their 14-game winning streak