Lakers Nation: Lakers Preview: Last Night The Lakers Destroy New Orleans By 27 point at Home. Guess Who is Next Today. Anthony Town and The Minnesota Timberwolves

VSHe turn his back on the Lakers

I feel So sorry For Anthony Davis Basically Playing One against 10. Well the Lakers had their problems for two years to say the least  no one ever gave them merci so there is no merci to be given in return. So much For That.

Lakers nation. Guess who is next? Karl- Anthony Towns and The Minnesota Timberwolves. Remember when Anthony Towns refused to meet with Lakers. How dare he. Lakers nation he refused to meet with the legendary Lakers for who? the Minnesota Timberwolves.  Kareem Abdul Jabbar left the box for the Lakers and won championships after championships. At the time I said what an insult. This boy one day will regret That. Maybe not yet . Not too fast but there will come a day a time,  they will not say it  but they will say inside themselves I wish. How can you doubt history  that repeat itself with time.   Let get ready To Ramble This afternoon at 4pm.   Do not miss it . Lakers nation. The young dynamic Lakers vs  the young dynamic Wolves.