Lakers Nation. On The subject of The Lagacy of Lebron James Discussed Yesterday on The Lakers Radio station. I feel Ambarrassed To Note some of the Discussion that Went on And Would Like to Apolozised on Behalf of The Lakers Station and I would explain Why?

During the Discussion , a lakers station speaker continue to describe Lebron James as some one who had exceeded expectations so a caller called in to demande an explanation of what he means about Lebron James excinding expectations. the lakers radio station speaker would come  up with example such as Odome.coming of from college was expecting to be great but turn out to be not so great and he listed some of other players in the same situation as Odome as an explanation to justify exceedng expectation by LeBron james. To him LeBron James going to the final 7 times and winning 3 times and loosing 4 time constituted exceeding expectation. Now when you examine the matter closest , that proclamation doesnt seem to stand quiet well . when it comes to exceeding expectations, a perfect example could have been green of the Warriors.some one no one expected to be called one of the best player on the best team in basketball and suddenly turn out to be just.that is what you obviously call exceeding expectation.there is no argument there .as far as LeBron James is concerned , coming off from college the standard was set so high king James every body expecting him to be good and he turnout to be good but not perfect one may say no surprise there. We already knew it would be just that or even more.  The name king is not attributed to just any body.there is a full hand of them out of billion of people. His legacy to date turn out to be 7 times in the final which is excellent you may say with self manipulation of the systems likely looking like gold digging if any thing with aesthetics on 2 of the wins against golden state last year with the league help and san Antonio loosing one of the championship that was already thiers and Cleveland winning from pure luck. That would have made it 1 win out of 7 but let not discuss what would have been so let stick to the facts. 4 losses out ot 7 after surfing a weaker conference turning out to be a subject of daily discussion fiercely defended by journalist’s who likes him with the majority of the public being on the other side. I am sorry to say that not exceeding expectation. For a king that is meeting expectations rather than exceetinge them. Now if he wins 7 or 8 championships and becomes the best players ever I may see that as exceeding expectations. Meaning 4 to 5 more championships from today.that is a tall order I can tell you that. Base on all of these, clearly the lakers radio station is confused about what is exceeding expection or not exceeding expectation. Odome example taken by him is more of a failure to reach expextation than any thing.that was a dumb example to take. Green of the warriors is clearly a perfect example of what it is exceeding expextation.if he doesn’t know how one looks like.the expectation being so low went behind and above.that what the caller meant when he called .I guess he didnt understand the meaning of the question or he is so inclines to defend LeBron James legacy that he is lost about the truth about being humain.I shall add no humain being is perfect no matter what.they all comes with flows and when we refuse to admitted them it creates a sense of rejection that is being suffered by poor LeBron james in part you may say created by himself.had he stayed with Cleveland and built a legacy there things could have been much better but unfortunately he choose to win at all cost like no other superstars of his caliber has done to date. In conclusion he is in part the cause of his own critics. The boss of his own legacy. A legend to be one day if he can get to that 7. I mean 7 is unamerican to stand has to be second to none.second is successfull but not as successfull bottom line




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