Lakers Nation: The Game was Tide on The Third Quarter suddenly The Lakers Went on The Rampage of Making Dumb Plays after Dumb Play and The Next Thing you Know the Game Was Lost And Never Recovered

I know They Are Young And Learning but how long is it going to take to Learn from the same mistakes time after time after time. We are talking about dumb Plays . inability to recognize the situation and give the ball to some one who is not paying attention. to a 7 footer running and not use to dribbling the ball, lazy passing to be pick up by the other team. How long does it takes to learn from those mistakes? Unnecessary fancy plays.   Yacks. I didnt know learning was that hard. D Angelo again with all That talent unable to use it to his advantage. No penetration to the basket. no moving without the ball, posting of other guard as promised after summer hard work. Simply stand still 3 pointers all night. Clarkson  Claimed to be at some point the Lakers best player  couldn’t buy a basket. We do not know if The Kardashian are working in his mind. He looked completely different out there exposing the ball to the defenders time after time trying to steal it lucky he had strong hands and prevented most of the try to take the ball out of his hands. His Mind didnt look right to me.  Randle waiting to play defense when it is too later . The opposition is already under the basket. They will score almost every time when you let them that deep unmolested . This is The NBA not college.


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