Lakers Nation. The Great Chick Hearn used to Say not to Practice Mistakes. It is Quit Obvious This season is Lost And There May be A need To Tank But Again I feel like There is Still A need to learn for the Futur. A complete lack of effort can be Described as Practicing bad Habits . Can They continu to learn Practicing Mistakes?

Lakers Nation , When You loose by 40 it is quit obvious there wasn’t any effort made on both end. People say it doesn’t matter loosing by one or 40 Points. I Always think every humain being need to have some kind of pride in them. If you are going to loose at least make it look disent or give it an effort. Show your fans at least that you care, that you can at least stand with good teams so that even if you are loosing any way, at least we can see some futur in you and in the process, it is not  appearing as if you are tanking. 1 for 7 one for 6 and being a starter playing right under the basket is hard to swallow  . a bench player who almost never play but 2 minutes here and 3 minutes there out perform you almost every time he comes in for those 2 to 3 minutes. That is pretty sad. How many zero points games Mozgov Have had just this year if I recall at least 2. How is it possible for a professional basketball players  to play 17 to 20 minutes a game and not score a point. Being out rebounded by point guards almost every game. The effort is so discouraging watching the Young Lakers play. It Looks like They are not even learning or not willing to learn. Just going Thru the motion. Every bad teams comes in and shoot the light out on 3’s and they never learn. They do not recognized situation. They just acting as if they do not care  loosing 10 in a row. Again we the fans understand the situation. we know what is going on. We just want to see some kind of pride in these guys. And I have not seen it lately. every end of quarters is a mistake waiting to happen and they look as if they do not care.  Laziness is so contagious. Even those who tried to play hard feel like why should I play hard if the rest aren’t ? It is really sad to see. I just want to see them hang with good teams  before loosing. Not loose by 40 points and acting as if they do not care. At least have some respect for us the fans spending so much money encouraging you in win or looses . I just do not feel like they care enough. I do not see it in there talk, I do not see it in their walk and I do not see it in their action.  That really sadden me. I am Their Great fan and truly  disappointed and I wanted to let them know that. I wish they start showing some respect to their fans.  Just play hard , try to learn a good way of playing basket even if you are loosing. Try to have a good attitude of pride . Detroit is a poor team and it may look as if  you have played hard but in reality you did not because I know you can play better than that. The effort can be better.