Lakers Nation: The Lakers finally Won A game by 14 Points Beating The Memphis Grisly Despite shooting 50 to 60% on the Free Throw Line

Lakers Nation it was one of those games where the Lakers learn from the Toronto game . If you move around instead of standing and waiting for the ball to come to you. Your chance of scoring wide open increases. The Memphis coming into this game was rated the second best defense in the league and the Lakers made it look like the worse by moving around and killing them on the 3 point line. 17 3 pointers, you are not going to loose many games with that. I hope it continues. D Angelo is starting to get it. less turn overs. even Mazgov   finally won a Jump. In general it was a good game for the Lakers. Bravo. But they need to practice their Free Throws. They are too good of shooters for a 50 to % 60 % free throws shooting. It clearly mean they didnt practice as they should. If I was Luke Walton , I will send Ingram to Kobe to learn how to become a superstar. It seems to me that he is not practicing his Free Throws and out side shots as he should with the attitude it will come with time. No We want him to go get it instead of waiting until it comes with time. We want him to work harder and penetrate more . 4 to 9 shots a game is still not good. to become a great shooter you have to shoot more.  Great game for Julius Randle . I am so Happy for him. Read some more

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Los Angeles Lakers