Lakers Nation: The Lakers lost again Against The Raptors But at Least this Time The effort Was There At Times

Lakers Nation: They have shown that they can play defense when they are focused. But the problem they are not focused all the time. They do Have a Relax Problem. Every time They relax and turn over the ball, the other team just zoom past them. A Perfect example the Lakers was leading  this game by 14 points some times in the first half. then Clackson is put in the game the next two time he received the ball he turn it over trying to drible  thru the defense instead of passing the ball as it been talk about times after times after time so the score went from  14 to 12. Randle tried to drible thru the defense the ball is stall for an uncontested lay ups. Lu William with nick young seating pretty    on the 3 points lines waiting for a pass at that point he had scored all his 3 pointers. instead lu William tried to go thru a jammed defense the shot is blocked . suddenly 14 points is down to 5 points. This is what we have been talking about every day every games. D Angelo too slow on defense cannot stay in front of any body. their reactionary defense in the relax mode and the other team just keep shooting wide open shots. Good thing  Ingram was a little bit more agressive tonight and showcase his talent . but his outside shooting still remain a problem. when asked about his outside shot  and how is he going to improve it. I was expecting the answer like. I am going to take more time on my own just practicing instead the answer was some thing like it will come with time. D Angelo had called World peace for more shooting practice by the way he scored 28 points today And I was hoping to hear Ingram said I was part of that practice instead other people names came up but not Ingram. Mr Ingram you want to win rookie of the year improve your agressive rate and practice your outside shot .don’t just wait for it to come with times.

Is Mozgov ever Won 10 percent of his jumps. I mean . his loosing jumps are at an alarming rate. I have ever seen a big man loose so many Jumps we are talking about almost 90 percent of his jumps. I guess White man cannot Jump is the problem.  do the Lakers have A choice with that regardless , I guess not. Mazgov barely rebounds if not only slaps balls with hopes his teammate catches it . so bad around the basket. I mean at that size you may think around the basket should be money in the bank. instead he misses dunks after dunks , lay ups after lays. I am sure if you have been in the league for 7 years already and havent improved , I guess that time has passed. it doesn’t matter which team you go, it won’t change much. I do not know what the Lakers are waiting to start developing their so call Gasole. Hope. At least he seems to have more skills around the basket that needs to be developed . I have no idea what are they saving him for.


I was happy to see the Lakers play  Robinson and Tarik black  together. 2 energy guys who helped the team but then again their next time together on the 3rd going on the 4th was filled with relax moments and confusion for the lead to grow to 17 points.    Lapses again seem to be the problem here. The problem, inability to continuously play hard at all times. Lakers Nation, I was Happy with Julius Randle defense today.

Toronto Raptors guard Kyle Lowry, left, and Los Angeles Lakers guard D'Angelo Russell battle for the ball during the first half of an NBA basketball game in Los Angeles, Sunday, Jan. 1, 2017. (AP Photo/Kelvin Kuo)