Lakers Nation: The Lakers lost to Portland In overtime. I would Rather see The Angelo score 33 points against demian Lillard Than see Him score 33 Points Against a no Body Point Guard. That is How you Built Your Reputation

D Angelo Was schooled by Demain Lillard In every Fashion of the game. exposed on defense , too slow to run to him. Inability to understand you cannot give him an inch and you should stay attached at all time. Mentally not ready to play against the best competition there is and didnt come ready. Couldn’t even score shots he normally makes. Most of them were short and you could tell a lake of mental readiness. I just couldn’t see Kobe come soft against LeBron or who ever. Not to say he should be compared to Kobe because Kobe was Kobe.  I wasn’t disappointed that the Lakers lost The game because they play a hake of the game. But Rather I was disappointed that D Angeles didnt bring it in the big stage against a great point guard.  That was my take. I hope he will do better come next time. Just show your worth in the big stage win or loose that all.   I am sure he can do better than that if he tries harder but he just need to bring it.  The mental Toughness. Do not feel a looser before your competition before finding out if you can win.

Damian Lillard, Brandon Ingram, Timofey Mozgov