Lakers Nation: The Lakers Season Ended Last Night. With a Lost To The Warriors and That Game Remended Us How Far off The Lakers Still Are From A Champoinship

And the last Thing The Lakers  wanted to do is to disrespect the Lakers  Fans. Not any other fans, I mean the Lakers fans. The fan Base is so powerful and unforgotten.   Just ask the  commissioner David Stern about the Christ Paul story , Jim Buss about Phil Jackson story , Baron Scott his embattle with the young Player and ignoring the Lakers fans.  It is a terrible mistake. The Lakers fans clearly wanted the team to loose in order to give the team a better chance to  win a lottery pic next year to improve the team and keep their futur lottery. the players or who ever choose willingly to ignore that demande from the fans for stupid excuses such as they do not want some one else to take their spot when it really doesn’t matter. if the team is not good you will be treaded or dismissed anyway so what the difference. on the contrary you want the team to get better so that you can be given longer stay probably better money in the futur. The Lakers better improve next year some how . They better hope not to loose that pick and still look as bad. The Lakers fans will not forget the stupidity that just went on at the end of the regular season ignoring the fans demande. I mean the Lakers fans demande. likely the most powerful of them all . That was insulting ignoring the Lakers Nation demande . people who pays your bills.      It will be a subject of discussion if the team looses that pick and do not improve. mark my words . Continu to read Coach Walton used the word optimistic to end the season. That word is only good as long as you take advantage of all your chances to improve the team. Throwing your self under the buss with hope God will save is simply none sense in any way you want to look at it. You have to create your own luck.  That was simply stupid what they did at the end of the season.

Trade to Lakers finally gave Tyler Ennis an opportunity to showcase his skills