Lakers NAtion: The Most Disapointing , They Didnt Even CAme Ready To Play. Defense was Left Home, The offense Left With Nick Young

“Remember Nick Young was not even supposed to be part of the Team. He was ranked The least of the Lakers players. Even Anthony Brown was ranked in Front of Nick Young. ever since Anthony Brown was Waived and Nick Young is still with the team Making all experts , the basketball gods look foolish “dumb” . As soon as He got Hurt last Night against the Pelicans, The Lakers couldn’t Throw a pi In the Ocean so said Chick Hearn. He must be going wiled on his grave watching last night game. I guess they are not used to playing in cold weather. in That case, They better start getting used to it or it is going to get ugly here pretty soon. the next few games are all back east. no sun shine per say. Just cold weather. I do not want to use injury as an excuse. I just want to see them loose by Playing hard. They have done that all year . I am sure they can do it again. just loose with honor young boys. I know they still young . It is a fact. But remember you are building a futur. Let Go Brandon Ingram”

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Lakers’ Nick Young strains Achilles’, to have MRI on Wednesday