Lakers Nation. Winners And Losers From The NBA Draft Lottery. The Lakers got What They Wanted Regardless of weather Magic Johnson Knew In Advance That The Lakers Already Got The Pick so I guess The Gods are On The Lakers Side if One do Beleive That The League is in Fact Not A Rig. Right?

Well Just think about This Ramona Sherborn of The Lakers Predict that the Clippers will win In Utah game 6 And loose game 7 at Home  and the prediction look so perfect Ireland a Lakers reporter couldn’t believe it but yet it happened exactly the way it was predicted. Now The Lakers beloved Coach Luke Walton goes On National Tv and said Magic Already guarantee him The pick and the story look so good that the Lakers not only got the pick but move to number 2 in position to get exactly what has been being discussed on the media. Too good to be true Right. The league is not a rig. So say The Media reporters who are supposed to not criticize the league on the wrong way knowing their pay checks are the reason why the league exist. We are living in  A perfect world . This Is America. God Has given us all we want to look so perfect at all time. A Country that went from a Country that didnt exist 185 years ago to the most powerful country on earth. The country who has more churches than any other country in the world. We believe in got more than any country in the world so we get to enjoy that perfect ride. We are the one who is Protecting The god’s land in Israel from being run over  In the Middle east so we deserve it. LeBron James down 1 to 3 in the finals last year and loosing badly the league find an excuse to suspend one of the warriors best player suddenly LeBron team became relevant again The world over let just give him the title of the best player ever. do not guess me wrong the man is a talented guy but put on a position they are forcing the world to accept he is perfect without flows and the world questioning every easy way he found to get there when Michael Jordan , the Kobe of the world didnt . It came to them naturally thru the course of their career not pick and choose not being helped by the league. Those who believe the league is perfect as if the world if perfect by itself will tend to dismiss the truth. may be the media need to ask The spurs how they feel loosing their best player the same way the Warriors felt when Green Was suspended last Year by the league during the final. Yes this is just an observation from my own seeing like it or not. but on a lot people minds out there they know I speak the truth with out reservation. So Continue to read The rest and enjoy it while you can Lakers Fans. No more heart burns at least from the draft next year. this was the end of pick number 3 or loose it. The Competition with Boston is coming and coming soon, isn’t that what the league wants? old revelry that will make the league relevant again to the roof .

The 2017 NBA Draft is incredibly deep, with all 30 first-round picks likely to produce for their teams sooner than later — and the Boston Celtics get their pick of the whole batch.The Celtics cashed in on the 2013 trade that sent Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to Brooklyn in exchange for the right to swap 2017 first-rounders with the Nets. Brooklyn, which finished the 2016-17 season with the worst record in the NBA, technically won the lottery, only to watch the pick go to Boston.Oh, and good news if you're a Lakers fan: Los Angeles beat the odds to keep its 2017 first-round pick, which ended up No. 2 overall.Now that the draft order is set, here's our first-round mock for the 2017 NBA Draft. Will your favorite team find the next superstar of tomorrow or be doomed to another year in the lottery?(All stats via Sports-Reference, measurements via Draft Express.)