Los Angeles, California, The City of Angeles, Soon To Become A World Fest City, A world gathering city.

With the super Bawl coming up next year to the most expensive stadium ever built in Inglewood, The NBA All Star Coming to the Staples Center  Next Year. A Possible 2024 Olympics or 2028 Olympics to Los Angeles, The world Cup, A North America City supposed to bid for it. It looks Like  Greater Los Angeles will be in the run again. The only True Olympic city In America if Not The world. Some one once suggested why Can’t we just have all the Olympics assigned to Los Angeles. Ah it is not going to happened. Just to tell you how good of the Olympic City Los Angeles is. Big in scope can welcome the all world without any problem, The Only city almost Guarantee to make money From any fest. How do you like me now Angelinos? I am on top of everything for you.