Los Angeles Has Become a Home Of Stars Like Ever Before. This makes Me To Believe LOS ANGELES Is America

If you are a star and do not have a home in Los Angeles, you are probably not in America. It is just like going to New York and not going to Time Square. I am sorry you have not been in New York. Going to Paris and not going to the Champs Elysees or the Eiffel Tower. I am sorry you have not been in Paris. Coming to America Not visiting Los Angeles and Hollywood I am sorry you have not been in America. When I first moved to Los Angeles many years ago every body used to call it the city of the futur. Being so new I have never understood why. Now I understand why. Fox listen to this. 234 years ago 41 people were sent to form Los Angeles in The downtown area of Olvera street market next to the Little China area. 234 years later about 150 years younger than new York, Los Angeles has a population of about 19 million  people more than half of France in existence it looks like a billion years older than Los Angeles. Is that developing a city or what? my goodness. The person who chose to call Los Angeles, Los Angeles which mean the city of Angeles in French la ville des Anges knew exactly what the futur intel. Unfortunately, With development comes higher prices.   The price of home in Los Angeles is going up at an unbelievable rate cause by demandes. renting a new appartement in Los Angeles. if you do not have 3000 dollars to spend every month you may as well forget it. Then you wonder who is paying all this money. You do not have to live in Los Angeles to have a home in Los Angeles. it Looks like people just have to have a home here. Money is coming from every where in the world. Asians have become by far the most growing race in Los Angeles and America where as it used to be people of Spanish descent. That has been blown away. The Chinese are simply taking over for a good reason. go where de demandes are. that is good business. Without a Doubt Los Angeles is the futur Of America if it is not already is.   Try to rent from this new appartement unit under construction and let me know. The middle man are being left behind and the poor are simply moving 20 in the same house and the rest are becoming homeless living in cars so much that there is complaints every were by neighbors. No wonder the nimby’s have been formed trying to fight big businesses coming in at an unbelievable rate. if they ever given the world a freedom to invest in Los Angeles. this place will be incredible in 20 years I mean it is already is. The potential is unmeasurable to a point were there is no words to describe it. It is just unbelievable.  The developments keep coming at a rate I have never seen since I have been in Los Angeles. So much that I have to form my own blog to give news to feed  the world with news from Los Angeles. The most disturbing things about all these. people rather live in their cars in Los Angeles than to go to Atlanta or Houston where you can live in a villa of 3 bedrooms for 500 dollars. Even when they leave they keep coming back. the excuse it is too boring over there. Then when you ask them. why cant you move to Houston and stay there, The response is likely to be good weather in L.A. ,entertainment. everybody wants to be the next Tarzan, or the next Michael Jackson so that they can tell their little story. I used to be homeless now I am this. the competition is so fierce in the entertainment industry that a lot of them do not succeed . it is so hard to succeed there . You have to have a special talent with good luck. the good thing about stardom, once you succeed and become a star, your name is in the history book regardless of what happened after that you will die a star. it takes only one good album or a chance at a good movie scene to become one.