Marcellus Wiley is Nothing But A Clippers Fans Reporting for The Lakers and Had Created an Hostile Environment Towards The Lakers World

It is a conflict of interest  for the Lakers Radio Station to have a Celtics type fans become the Lakers reporter and in The process disrespect the Lakers Fans with a lack of objectivity.  let Me make it Clear. The problem here is not a Clippers fan reporting for the Lakers but rather a clippers fans with a lack of objectivity that a report should possess being a reporter. Marcellus Wiley repeatedly had created a hostile environment toward the Lakers   fans by suggesting that Kobe Bryant 60 points was a fluke when every other reporters have praised Kobe Bryant  for his Accomplishment no other stars never done. Marcellus Wiley repeatedly refused to praise D Angelo Russel talent even when he went on the rampage of  “I got ice in my veine story” by scoring more than 20 points in most games during that period including a 39 points. In most occasion Marcellus Wiley had been hostile to the Lakers brand in favor of the clippers instead of rather being objectif and calling the situation as it is . His Behavior  in general reflect that of a fan rather than that of a reporter. What kind of a reporter will suggest that  The warriors are Better without Curry when clearly it is not true. according to him the warriors play better when Curry is on the Bench mostly because he likes LeBron James. Is that kind of behavior worthy of an objectif reporter?. What king of reporter will suggest the clippers winning a championship in front of the Warriors, OKC, The spurs, and Cleveland when The clippers have been nothing but a failure team that never past the 2 second round repeatedly  simply because he is a clippers fans again that shows a lack of objectivity on his part. All these are creating an Hostile environment toward the Lakers surroundings. To my opinion he is a better fit to be a clippers reporter rather than the Lakers reporter. There is a reason why Chick Hearn became a Lakers and the world beloved not only from his long standings but also his objectivity.  His ability to report as he sees it including the Lakers wrong doing which is more educative than acting solemnly as a fan. Chick Hearn truthful reporting has earn him praise around the world. Those are the kind of reporters the Lakers should starve for.  as a Lakers fans for life, I feel empowered to suggest, just like the Ben Simmons of the world a Celtics fans disrespecting the Lakers fans there shouldn’t be any reason  the Lakers Should renew Marcellus Willey next contract as I said he is better fit to be a clipper’s reporter  rather than a Lakers reporter . I see him being more objectif to them than to the Lakers. I think the Lakers should keep it in the family    and if a deserving reporter comes along with reporting objectivity and not a Celtics type fans reporters. I see no reason why he shouldn’t be a Lakers reporter.    He doesn’t have to like the Lakers but at least be objective to the truth.     By the name of the Lakers Nations. This is a suggestion left for the Lakers world to make a decision upon.  It is not an obligation but rather a suggestion to the truth as a Lakers fan the way I see it.