Meet America Biggest Port: The Port of Los Angeles Long Beach: Slow progress at America’s biggest (and most dysfunctional) port

Florent Mbesse quotes ” If you didnt know before now you know” The port of Los Angeles Long Beach is the biggest in America” currently under construction to get even bigger but mere with problems. How Big is too big?

The adjacent ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach in California are the beating heart of United States international trade. They handle two-thirds of all ocean cargo volume on the West Coast, and more than one-third of all volume in the U.S. Their steel ventricles sprawl over more than 11 square miles of land—one-third the size of Manhattan. Tugboats weighing tons look like bathtub toys next to container ships the size of city blocks. Squadrons of semi trucks and mile-long trains disappear into the horizon, pumping goods from across Asia eastward to American manufacturers, businesses, and consumers. Continu reading

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