Mr. Sean Deveney Wrote: “Were do you place The Warriors Choke_JOBs In Playoff History”?

Exclusively to Mr. Sean Deveney who believe the NBA is so perfect that they never done anything wrong. Why can’t you just let it be or as an objective writer why can’t you just write the story the way it happened. You truly believe in your mind The warriors chocked don’t you? Green wasn’t suspended to extend the final to 7. Bogut and Iguodala din’t get hurt either? and the Warriors were not superior to the Cavs until then. Dont you? which NBA final were you watching? tell us where do you rank the Lakers chock in The final when They were undefeated to the Final until Magic Johnson and Barron got hurt and they lost by 4 zero to the piston. I would like to have respect for you as a writer but I seem to realize something is missing. as a follower I just want to see the truth be told and if you cannot do that just let it be. will you do us that favor please and let it be Mr. Sean Deveney an objective NBA writer? by the way for your information I am a Lakers fan not the Warriors

Sean Deveney

Sean Deveney is the national NBA writer for Sporting News and author of four books, including Facing Michael Jordan. He has been with Sporting News since his internship in 1997