My Advise To The International Community Be careful of What You are Trying To Wish For . Forcing a Tyrant On The people who Obviously no Longer want Him. Is it easier to Have Peace By Removing One Tyrant who Will Jubilate A country Like Never seen Before. Or keep A tyrant In Power who will continu Trouble By Trying to Kill His Opposition Just Like We Have seen It In the Past With Mba Abesolo who Is No longer with Us or Recently With Njibi Bernard Who No One knows What had Happened to him. Is That What The International Community want? Blood In Gabon to save a Loosing tyrant If Removed Peace Will return Like Never Before. Just look at what Happened In Ivory Coast After A tyrant was removed. All The killings And War Has Disappeared with it And The Country Return To peace Today. Sending The Recount Done By a Cheating gouvernement without a fare And Neutral Referee Will be Just Like Handing Power Back to Mr. Ali Bongo For Him To Do A revenge against His Opposition And Cause More Trouble In The process. The Man Is Not The one to Bring People Together But To Divide Them. If You Think You Will bring Peace In Gabon By giving Power to Some one Who Lost it You Are mistaking. Clearly The People Of Gabon Has Said 2009 is not 2016 so Are You Ready for more trouble Ahead? You Have told him To Put back The internet back, Release all The prisoners And Do The recount Has He done It Sincerely? you Better Think twice

 It Is The World Community  Responsibility To Free The People Of Gabon And Bring Peace To That Country. It Will be The world Responsibility Of The Consequences when A tyrant Is Put Back in Power He Lost By Handing The Judgment to Be made By A system a Root Cause of all The Problems For 50 years of reign. A  Fare recount Will Never come from The Government Accuse For Cheating in The First Place But Rather By A neutral Judge who will fairly Do The recount And hand Power to The true winner.