My Advise to the Lakers Management. Be careful About Your Desired of Trading Veteran Players for Your Draft Pics

The Lakers came close to giving Kevin Love a max Contract. It looks like only the refusal of Kevin Love Prevented the Lakers FROM FALLING UNDER THAT TRAP.  one may say the Lakers must be loved by god. these days they are getting almost every thing they want. Luke Walton, The draft pic as desired two year in the row. Kevin Love before the Cavs was perceived to be a great player and sought by almost all NBA teams. Didn’t realize he was playing in a bad team there fore the best player of bad Players. He is a good Players for certain conditions as proven by now not a great player in a great team. The Lakers have been rumored for a trade for Demarcus Cousin Playing for a bad team with a bad attitude. Just like Kevin Love before him. His team never made it to the playoff. Great players takes teams to the playoff and there are only and hand full of them  Included LeBron James, Kevin Durant Just to name sure things. Even Russell Westbrooks couldn’t do it without Durant. He is a good player Close to a superstar if not a superstar. The likes of Dwight Howard, Steve Nash came and went and Never came close to expectation.  So Be carful with that burning desired. It is just an advise. Do not one day become The Cavs regretting their moves today. They pass on Draymond Green and Anderson Varejoa they are being killed today by them. Anderson Varejoa Could be easily named the Hero of game 4. all those offense of rebounds in the fourth quarter was the key to securing that win.  I think the Lakers should stay on the safe side unless it is a LeBron James of the world     or Durant.    Take your safe pick  and run with it stop trying to be fancy. You had a chance on Bazemore you let him go without even giving him a chance. Same with Whiteside now you want him so bad may be to a max contract when you could have had him cheaper.

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