NBA free agency: Lakers’ signings show impatience for no reason

I do not know what wrong with today’s writers. Do you real think if the Lakers were able to sign Durant or other stars they would have  signed Mazgov and Deng instead? so What is your point? The Lakers should have waited sign no one win another 17 games to become another lottery bound and try to get another  younger  player if the ball bounced their way at 3 protected. and go thru that same stress again of hoping it goes your way like last year.right? I thought one of the reason why the Lakers cannot convinced any good player is because they were before last and showed no sign of improvement. In your mind  Which stars or super stars you know wants to join a before last team In the NBA. it looks like even with the most money in the league no body even giving them a meeting or a time of the day. So what makes you thing if they go last next year some one would. It is not like they are not trying to get good players. The good players are simply not taking the bet. In that case if you were the Lakers G.M. you wait hire no one get no center, no small forward and only count on Ingram the talented new rookie player to make them an  attractif enough next year hoping for some one to sign with  them next year. or you truly believe the previous young players of a year or two ago would have improved enough to the point were they can win more than 17 games next year. at some point you have to get what you can get at least to show some progress . I am sure you know what going on. you heard it read it. no stars is accepting the Lakers money. Which part you do not understand. The only problem I see on those two contracts is the length of it. 4 yours for players in decline I think is too much. But remember the Lakers are in a position of weakness to negotiate a better contract. this is not the Lakers of the past . this is now the Lakers of Jim Buss who’s believe by many people to be their main problem . His father was kind and liked by almost every one. every star wanted to play for him. Jim Buss on the contrary cannot even get a meeting nor a phone call. that is sad.  when you reach that point you know you have a problem and should look at the mirror and the mirror generally  doesn’t lie. it tells you exactly what you are and if you do not change your way, you will stick in the loosing side. maybe Jim needs to take a step down and realize no one seem to like him or his attitude to say the least. Telling people with arrogance he will bring in Durant Westbrook , LeBron James . people do not like ego and Jim his a Master of it.

They did what they had to do let them live with it. I am sure Luke is participating on all these hiring he knows what he wants. The warriors success was based on having a solid bench. I am assuming that is what they are trying to do here. get a solid Bench instead of having  the Ryan Kelly and Sacre of the world seating on the bench not contributing. I am sure this is an improvement over those and every body is paying big money the new trend. it is not like the Lakers are the only one. You have to use that Money at some point.  Now let me correct you about the Warriors  and the Cavs. Comments you made. You claim How better the Cavs became when the line up changed with the new Coach. The Cavs didnt win a championship because of their line up changed. The Cavs won the Championship after Green was suspended and Iguadela and Bogut  got hurt. That how they managed to win not because of their line up change. They had the same players before then and they were down 3 games to one. I hope you remember that now. I just want reporters or writers to report  things in the real sense the way they happened.

if no one wants to take your money what should you do? as express by Luke picture here.Ask yourself that question may be you will find the answer within.

Luke Walton.