O.K.C vs Warriors: No Team will Win a Record 73 Games and Hope to Be The Same Come Playoff Time where Games are Tougher To Play

It is nice to chase records but there is consequences doing so regardless of how young you think you may be. I saw the Golden State Warriors struggle at the end to reach that 73 games. even their own coach admitted it. I saw the Warriors struggle against Portland. excuse my French Portland is a good team but not to the caliber of elite teams such as OKC, The Spurs, Warriors or Cleveland not even the Clippers when healthy. After their series against Portland I noted    on this site that I worried about them being fatigued and I do not think I was wrong.

If I  was Coach Steve Kerr, I will give them 2 aspirines each in the beginning of the game and again 5 minutes before the end of the game at least to bring their energy level to a fair level needed to finish the game strong. Aspirine is nothing but a blood thinner that reduces some thickness in your blood the cause of being heavy and fatigued and it is legal as far as I know just for that extra energy boost.

On the fourth quarter of last night game they didnt look like the warriors that we came to know during the time they were punishing teams with their 3 pointers barrage. I mean they missed almost everything they thru up there. That was uncharacteristic of them.

When you loose your Home court advantage specially on the first game. you better not loose a second game at home against a formidable team such as OKC. meaning the second game has become a must win game for the warriors. That game will tell us whether they still got it or they don’t  although The warriors  are capable of winning 4 games in the row. but I do not think they will want to bank on that one. This next game will definitely tell us where they stand as far as the playoff is concern. If they loose that game they will loose confidence  about themselves and doute will set in. You cannot win at home. How can you win on the rode.

When the warriors were winning all those games to set records after records, some one asked the question to know if it was worth it trying to win a championship at the same time.  My response was, if they want to make it harder for themselves for years to come trying to win Championships  let them try it. Just ask people who have been there before they will tell you. The like of Jordan going to the final of the playoff every year what it does to your body I do not care how young you are. Michael Jordan had to take time off to go play golf after 3 straight championships. Kobe went from this supernatural no one has ever seem to barely finishing games at the end of his career. LeBron is no longer the same after several trips to the final even though he doesn’t want to admit it. At the end of the day you still human whether you believe it or not.  The Warriors had reduced their chances of winning a lot of championship in the futur by going after that record. It worth it but yet again it doesn’t in the long run. contrary to what Barkley thinks, the Warriors are the one who has to beat themselves. They chose their path now they have to live with the consequences. It will be unfortunate, after all that effort not to win the Championship and became the greatest team ever in history.