On March 7, 2017 , Los Angeles Population Will Vote on Measure “S” For The Right To Either Stop All The Big Projects In Los Angeles Or Fail To Stop Them

Driving Around The city Today there are signs every where calling to vote yes on measure “S” to save the Neighborhoods. Then you  started to wonder which Neighborhoods are to be saved. The ones that look like garbage   with all the homeless in it  or those  that look like urbanized with workable people with all the shoping malls , restaurants and enjoyable by visitors coming to Los Angeles. Certainly visitors are not going to Inglewood but to Hollywood , Beverly hills, downtown Los Angeles, Santa Monica and so and so. Havent we Learn from the small Highland of Manhattan in the state of New York. 20 Manhattans can easily be built around Los Angeles with more space to spare. Despite the fact that advertisement  will tell you That New York city is bigger than Los Angeles  at least until further  notice when Driving around both cities will tell you otherwise.  The population is always been the reason to differentiate between the two. One city is all jammed in one area with all the high  rises built in one area when the other is a sample of cities in a city with so much space to add at will. The excuse for those who want To stop The big Projects always been , Traffic and high rent. Although Los Angeles is doing everything to appease Traffic by building Metros every where . Yet the population is used to a habit they cannot break or find difficult to Break. If only they can start taking the metro that excuse can easily be voided but instead they choose not to do so. As congested New York  already is  they do not seem to have any problem building more to keep up with their status of the biggest city in America although reality seem to tell you no matter what it is just the matter of time before they loose that title. Nevertheless I do not see a lot of cry babies out there in New York . I even Wonder if the word Nimbies existe in New York . If it does , it seems to go under the radar with no ballot. May be because Manhattan  Being an Highland They do not have a choice but to go up. What is the Problem with Los Angeles residents. As far as I know, big projects brings in Jobs and improve the economy and the city looks. Not too long ago when the economy was down they were the first cry babies to want those projects bak. Hollywood filed a failed cessation from Los Angeles with an excuse that the city of Hollywood wasn’t properly built. The place looked like when you first arrived in Los Angeles. Is this Hollywood? Now they have all these projects going up to beautify or gentrify the city of Hollywood with whoa on people Mouths. Suddenly they do not want them. After all  They are so confused that they can’t even tell what they want. How Sad is that. really sad. reality will tell you that almost no city in the world stay the same with the population going up Housing and jobs creation becomes a priority with that comes traffic whether you like it or not. so founding traffic as an excuse not stop almost every big projects in the city is none sense. Even the dumbest man on earth will tell you it is just an excuse. It sound more like selfish people who do not want progress for their city or other people added to their neighborhood. I have a job   the American dream with my house for years and I want no thing else to do with development. To My Opinion,  Nimbies need to get a life and stop being selfish. What happened if you loose the ballot and construction continu to a pace never seen before. With no longer a real choice to challenge in court. At least you had a chance to cool those projets off without a ballot. What happened after a lost? Are you going to commit suicide.  Be carful   what you wish for . at least the other side can live with no big projects until you start crying to have them back when the economy goes down.