People in my Neighborhood Celebrated the Lost of King James and the Cavs with Fired works

That is deep. I have never seen one person be hated this much. When I got to work 7 out of 10 were happy to see Cleveland loose. It basically has reach a point where you cannot denied it and yet some member of the media continu to live in denied of the truth that is obvious and some of them even suggested that LeBron is being hated for being too good and people are jalouse of him as if he is the only good player left in the planet. This is a reason why people do not like him. People have called radio station to express their sentiments of why , yet those Media reporters continu to think otherwise. what most people have said including my self is. The obvious reason why they hate LeBron James  is Because of his behavior rather his talent. He is too cocky. he thinks he is better than any one out there proven by statement such as he should get the MVP every year regardless whether he works hard or not. Tattoos making look like the only king alive. Refusal of recognizing his pears for their greatness that he has accepted himself to be wrong about curry. and some members of the media are not helping his cause trying to force people to like him when they do not have to. in today’s world with social media every one can analyse the truth by themselves without relying on Media. you can no longer fool people . that time is past. When you factor everything in about LeBron legacy in reality there is red flags every where and it is up to LeBron to change that perception. The Media are just waiting for him to win a championship in Cleveland to idolize him as the best ever. How can you denied that he is playing in a weak conference the east chosen by himself , choosing his own teams and teammates going to the final so easy and loosing when face with a west team from a better conference to a higher percentage rate. How can you denied those facts when they are so obvious. all these people who are discussing cannot lie.  And so many people are talking about it.

LeBron James