Prince Discuss is Rivalry with Michael Jackson

Prince discuss His Rivalry with Michael Jackson. Michael Had sent him a copy of Bad to work together. The begin of bad talk about your butt is mine. Then prince goes who’s Butt is who. probably the reason why they never worked together accordingly Prince sent the song back to Michael as the result they never collaborated  again. it would have been a nice thing for both legend  to leave some thing for us to remember them both. unfortunately it never happened. Michael is the biggest album seller ever with close to a billion album sold and continu to selle to date. thriller by himself is the biggest selling album ever with more than 100 million copy sold. musician spend their life time and never sold as many as 100 million. Michael Jackson was the true king of all music. He started so young so successful there will never be another Michael Jackson ever again at least not to our generation. The world has lost a treasure. no other musician ever loved Michael Jackson like Beyoncé. She cried so much after Michael Jackson death. I do not know if Michael Jackson family ever cried as much as she did watching those video. Michael Jackson was her idol . understandable so. At The end all we can say. Thanks Michael for all you have left us behind and we hope you are in a better place.