Ramona Shelburne Defends LeBron James Legacy of Playing in a Weak Conference Paling Records then collecting a Negative records of Winnings Championships in the process 2 Wins out of 6 Finals With one Basically Handed to Him by The Spurs on A game they Had Already Won by Making a last Minutes Mistakes . Thanks to Teams from The West a Well Known Better Conference Than The East.

Ramona Shelburne

Ramona Shelburne is a sports news columnist in Los Angeles, an ESPN Senior Writer, and was a college softball player at Stanford University. Shelburne was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She attended El Camino Real High School in Woodland Hills, California where she was a class valedictorian. A well respected reporter I shall add.
What is intriguing is the fact that:
She thinks it is not all LeBron James fault if he has such a low winning percentage of Championships and get criticized for it.  And I disagreed. Let facts be told.  You can twiste the story line the way you want it as you want it. However you will not be able to change theses facts. You do not have to be a rocket scientiste to understand them. You can twiste them forward them backward , sideward , front and back at the end of the day these are facts you will not be able to denied even if you try.
First of all LeBron James drives his own destiny. He is his own boss. He tells his so call  bosses what he wants and how it should be done or else. Except Pat Ryley who tried otherwise  and no wonder he left. He chooses his players, his teams, his conference. he is a one man corporation whether you like it or not. He is a ” Do it His way or else” guy. a well known Fact and discussed over and over.  I hope Mrs Shelburne knows What happened to a felling company. The boss get Blamed for failure regardless of What the  excuse is and I am sure you know that Mrs Shelburne, you are a smart person but so side blinded by LeBron physics to a point where you cannot see the Truth. LeBron is a great player no one will argue that but the problem is the way business is being run. Great leaders accepte failure and blames  and find a solution to improve the situation. He better not fail again this year.
I read your reasoning of Irving and Love being hurt and yet he made it tough for the Warriors  to win. One may argue I hope you see the way the Warriors and Thunder are killing themselves while LeBron is seating pretty and waiting. I hope you have taken that into consideration before your argument that seem to make sense only the way you want.
All we are asking of him. People like me who are not side blinded by physics but proof , to come to the West and prove to us He can do it everywhere regardless. Is that too Much to Ask?
When Kobe was  Criticized of not being able to win a championship without Shaq all he Did was win 2 without Shaq to shot down all critics. I want to be shut down too. And I challenge LeBron to prouve me wrong and I will considered Him as the greatest player that ever lived  If he can duplicate those same records on a strong conference like the current West not when they become Weak.