San Antonio Vs OKC Game II

Everybody is crying about the last play of the game. It was a fall, we have never seen that play before, the referee should have made a call. and the referee admit to have made a mistake it is too late the game is won  the result remain nothing has changed if only to hope we have learn something today to pay attention next time.
The play by it self was strange. Do the league allow an opposite player to stay that close of the player trying to throw an inbound pass to a point where he is almost out of bound himself and nose to nose to the in bounder? At one point his toe was almost touching the line. An’t they supposed to give the person inbounding the ball at least a space to throw the ball in? those are questions the league is going to have to study careful and come up with an answer. How do you expect me to inbound the ball if the opposing player is breathing on my nose?Game 2 in San Antonio: Spurs vs. Thunder —Thunder guard Russell Westbrook (0) drives to the basket past Spurs defender Kawhi Leonard (2).