Stephen Curry says he’s ‘ignoring’ the haters, but don’t buy it. The war zone The Good and The Selfish

Wise people will tell you. Let people judge you than you judging yourself. Obviously LeBron James seem to have a problem people being better than him or let put it this way he doesn’t seem to want to share success with others. Most great players the Like of Magic, Bird , will rather give credit to another competitor they know have as much talent as them than go on   T.V. and try to discredit some one who may be better than them. LeBron by Nature looks, feels, smells  like a shellfish personne to me spoiled by the media at youth. It is all about him. he wants to win a Championship he will side with other stars in Miami  to get what he wants. The minutes he feels like the interest is no longer there, He will leave his so call friends in the cold and move on for something he perceive to be better. He  can careless about your feelings. In part you may blame the media of making him feel this way, becoming this  monster.

From youth, he has been call a king. to his mind nothing can surpass him. He truly believes he is a king no matter what people may say otherwise and act that way. No one is taking my crown from me regardless. it is mine and I do not care what other people thinks attitude. On the surface it looks so bad when another great player call you being jalouse of him.   He is going to have to prove to himself and to everyone else that this is what he really is by action not simply by talk. he better win more championships or his legacy will have an asterisk to it as a spoiled little kid who didnt quit measured to Michael Jordan as most people though he would . it is time to prove it by action not by talk Mr. Lebron. This guy truly believe the world belong to him no one else. Click here to read the story.

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