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Analysis | 76ers are trading up for Markelle Fultz, and Celtics are taking giant leap of faith

Clearly The NBA Habit is changing with time. It used to be , the last thing you want to do make a team in your conference great to challenge your team. By boston giving Fultz to Philadelphia clearly they are making that team  much better to challenge them in the east.  I will be surprised if next year the Lakers tank   to try to get to the same spot as the last two years as it will not do them any good. so this time around they have no choice but try to do better if not make the playoff. How many numbers one players do a team needs to become great unless you want to use all those number one choices to get a great player. Jimmy battle although a good player I do not know if LeBron stays in the east will help them past them because you know LeBron will try to improve that team next year. now if LeBron decide to leave as all speculation has been running hot boston will become the goat in the east regardless. by making Philadelphia   great  any thing can happened. Can you Imagine Hambiid, Fultz, Simmons    and so and so in the same team next year. we are talking about 3 number ones with tallent trying to match their assets  and who is helping them , the team they may challenge in the east. Danny Ainge may just pray god that Philadelphia doesn’t become better than Boston the few years to come. That will be something for the boston fans to digest and I do not think it will seat well if that is the case . On top of it there is no Guarantee the Lakers will not jump on Jackson since they seem to be intrigued by him too although I think they will not pass on ball.  Continue to read

Although the 2017 NBA playoffs didn’t offer much drama, the 2017 NBA Draft already has seen its share of fireworks.The Boston Celtics reportedly agreed on Friday to trade the No. 1 overall pick in this year’s draft to the Philadelphia 76ers for the No. 3 pick and a future first-rounder, as first reported by TNT's David Aldridge and Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski. The deal is expected to be finalized on Monday.With the future of the NBA potentially in the balance after this move, you’re probably looking for a little bit of clarity — and we have you covered. Here are four things you need to know about this blockbuster draft deal.


NBA trade rumors: Celtics have the best hand, and here’s how they can play it

The situation in Boston was very nearly remarkably different.

In ESPN’s in-depth feature on how the Warriors landed Kevin Durant, Ramona Shelburne reported that many league sources feel that if the Warriors had won the NBA Finals, when they dropped a 3-1 lead to the Cavaliers last June, Durant would not have gone to the Bay. Instead, those executives feel Durant would have signed with the Celtics, another team that hosted Durant in the Hamptons that fateful Fourth of July weekend.

Had Durant made such a decision, of course much in the NBA universe would have shifted. The Warriors likely keep much of the team from last season together, making another run with the same core that had the best NBA regular-season record in NBA history. And Boston would have immediately shot to the forefront of the Eastern Conference, in direct competition with the Cavaliers.

In this scenario, there would be serious debate about which team would win the East, even with the dominance of LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, as the Celtics would counter not only with three All-Stars of their own in Durant, Al Horford (who likely would have joined the Celtics anyway) and Isaiah Thomas, but a supporting core with players like Avery Bradley, Marcus Smart and the surprisingly capable Kelly Olynyk. Continu to read

“This is My take about This Particular story. I think the league Should not have any involvement what so ever as far as  who should  wins the NBA championship. Even putting themselves In a Situation that becomes questionable or a subject of debate. Just Like The NBA stay away from making the last call of the game. They should stay away from making any decision that may affect the NBA championship period. And I feel like and rightfully so the NBA in one way or the other participated on The reason why last year championship may have changed hand  and change the circonstances being discussed today.  Clearly By suspending Green from playing  game 5 the championship momentum shifted from the Warriors to the Cleveland Cavaliers .  If Any thing, Green Should Have been suspended against The Thunders were the obvious kick happened not against the cavaliers in a situation some what precarious and questionable. at the end of game 4 LeBron was so desperate trying to find any thing to help . was hitting on Curry chasing him around basically dogging him until this opportunity of the incident was offered by Green stupidity. A situation if reviewed , not to be compared to that of the thunder that look so obvious and the league took advantage of that situation to find an excuse “we warned you” making it look like they knew what they were prorating themselves to. That Kick wasn’t that much to deserve changing the complexion of the NBA  championship from a team that was about to make history 73 wins plus a championship. Instead the Warriors Fans and the NBA fans got rubbed at the end. That was Robbery orchestrated by the league business attitude that is in display in almost every action they make. Games are chosen to entertain during Holliday’s, Match ups are clearly well chosen to entertain the fans. I can understand that    it doesn’t affect any body in this case but please the crowed. No thing but joy not a cesse pool of controversies. The NBA has to have a face. So LeBron is The face suitable not Carry. These are premeditated things that  we know will make the league attractive. At the end of the day it is a business But none should be in the level of changing the NBA championship fortune Then with time it will reflect The WWE even thought it is not yet quiet there and I hope  will never come to that. Last year words like the NBA is a rig was flying all over the place like they always say there is no smoke without fire. I can tell you not by accident those words were mentioned. There clearly was a reason for that and because it was being spoken by a lot of people. After that Championship it was a common theme being discussed whether you like it or not. I do not think the NBA want that kind of bad publicity and they should not. “

Kevin Durant and LeBron James