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Lakers Nation: The Lakers Have Too Much Talent To Basically be The Last Team In The League

Lakers Nation: The Lakers have Kuzma, Lonzo, Ingram, Randal, Hart , Nance, Clarkson, to that add veteran like Lopez, pop. I mean it doesn’t make sense for them to be the last team in the league. The problem, not paying attention to the schedule. The attitude of it is ok to loose, Unnecessary conflict with players. Instead of playing your best players   to start the game. You threaten players by keeping them on the bench talking about trades as the result the team lacks concentration. Listen to this kinds of records. The last in free throw shooting in the league . the only team under 70%. Last in 3 point shootings. haven’t won a game at home since nov4 loosing 9 in the row, that is simply incredible for a team trying to convince superstars to come play for them. where is your personal proud, were is the Lakers proud. Since when loosing has become some one proud. Just looking at the improvement Lonzo has made shooting 3 pointers. it goes to show you if you practice hard there will be improvement. People keep saying the Lakers practice their free throws. How hard for them to be that bad to the point where the coaching personnel didn’t notice to make them work even harder.  They have finally put on the floor their stating best 5 players. look at how long it took them to do that. The line up I proposed from the start of the season. Now add Laval Ball in the mixt. a complete night mare.


L.A.’s nightmare scenario is becoming a reality: It’s LaVar vs. the Lakers

Lakers Nation. Topic Of The Day Are The Referee Against The Lakers? Is There Any Reason Why The Lakers Didnt Ask To Review The out of Bound Under Two Minutes. Brandon Didnt look sick to Me Any good Reason Why He didnt play?

The way you make a name for yourself in this league is to show toughness. The Kind of reputation Kobe had, What made him a great player a legend people  will remember for ever. I saw Brandon Ingram seating on the bench and didn’t look sick. The reason given napping injury was the reason why he had to seat, Napping injury ?????? are you kidding me. After loosing 13 times against the Blazers with their best player out you think some one will use a brain to say we have a chance to win and break that strike so why not? Instead they choose to seat one of their best players for a reason call a napping injury. Man Oh Man that was really smart. In the process they lost the game 14 times in the row against Portland at home. it nice that all the games are close but loosing at this rate may make you look really bad at the end of the year. Can you believe how disastrous it will be if they do not beat last year record of I think 27 games. any body who want to join the Lakers  will look at that and say well they just missed to win close game. Really??? As far as The referees are concern,  It has been few games that has been questionable by the referee against the Lakers and Now it is time to ask the question to find out. Are the referee in the NBA against the Lakers? may be not all of them but hum there is some thing fishy things going on here. Julius Randel , What a wasted talent. He does things and you will seat there  and wonder, what is wrong with him, The talent is there but man. How are the Lakers going to resolve their free throws Problems? It is really embarrassing to See the all team incapable of shooting free throws. These are professional players. all they do is play Basket ball and cannot learn to shoot free Throws. You start to wonder if they really practice hard I mean hard. May be they need to practice even harder  clearly what ever they doing right now is simply not working .  If I was a professional player and I socks that bad my teammate socks that bad. I would had been embarrassed. Their body language seem to indicate that they seem to be ok with it. Air balls are ok I guess. They seem to loose to ever short handed team.

When it doesn’t seem to matter , when it doesn’t seem right .  The result becomes trade rumors

NBA trade rumors: Lakers looked into dealing Julius Randle to Mavericksors.


Julius Randle

Lakers Nation. The LAkers are loosing Games but Playing Hard The Key Words” Play Hard”

” Lakers Nation They still making mistakes that making them loose games such as Lu William taking a bad shot at the end of the Quarter giving the other team a chance to score a 3 pointer. Brandon Ingram guarding the paints instead of guarding a player . D  Angeles Russell taking a bad shot from deep. 38 3 pointers in a game is just too much. They will learn with time playing hard instead of coming to the game ready to loose by 49 points. as Long as they are playing hard , I have no problem with losses. Meaning they are learning. “

Read  Thomas scores 38 points, Celtics beat Lakers 113-107

Lakers Nation: As Randle goes So Are The Lakers

Lakers Nation I saw Randle shoot 5 hairballs underneath the basket. I saw Randle not block a player on a free shot. The effort simply wasn’t there as usual. after 2 good games and applauded by every body for   his good games. He simply came out this game absolutely not ready to play. I am very encouraged by D Angelo passing although his shootings this game  left to be desired. One of those work in progress system for the team. A learning experience.  Again Ingram did well and I was happy to hear he  run   Into coach Walton on a practice court and It looks like it is paying dividend. Meaning he is practicing on his own.  At The end of the day The lack of effort was the problem.  continu to read 

ATLANTA, GA - DECEMBER 04: Julius Randle #30 of the Los Angeles Lakers strips the ball from Paul Millsap #4 of the Atlanta Hawks at Philips Arena on December 4, 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia. NOTE TO USER User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Lakers Nation: The Lakers finally Won A game by 14 Points Beating The Memphis Grisly Despite shooting 50 to 60% on the Free Throw Line

Lakers Nation it was one of those games where the Lakers learn from the Toronto game . If you move around instead of standing and waiting for the ball to come to you. Your chance of scoring wide open increases. The Memphis coming into this game was rated the second best defense in the league and the Lakers made it look like the worse by moving around and killing them on the 3 point line. 17 3 pointers, you are not going to loose many games with that. I hope it continues. D Angelo is starting to get it. less turn overs. even Mazgov   finally won a Jump. In general it was a good game for the Lakers. Bravo. But they need to practice their Free Throws. They are too good of shooters for a 50 to % 60 % free throws shooting. It clearly mean they didnt practice as they should. If I was Luke Walton , I will send Ingram to Kobe to learn how to become a superstar. It seems to me that he is not practicing his Free Throws and out side shots as he should with the attitude it will come with time. No We want him to go get it instead of waiting until it comes with time. We want him to work harder and penetrate more . 4 to 9 shots a game is still not good. to become a great shooter you have to shoot more.  Great game for Julius Randle . I am so Happy for him. Read some more

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Los Angeles Lakers

The Young Gutted Lakers Per ESPN Analyst Projected to Be The Last In The League DIstroy The Warriors By 20 Points The Team Beleive By Many People to Be The Best In the World

LOS ANGELES — Lou Williams scored 10 of his 20 points in the fourth quarter, and the Los Angeles Lakers snapped Stephen Curry’s NBA-record streak of 157 games with a 3-pointer in a 117-97 victory over the Golden State Warriors on Friday night. continu to read

Lakers Nation: Lakers preview Today Friday 28 Vs Utah In Utah

Will The Lakers second game be as successful as The first one? We will found Out today starting at 6pm when they face Utah. One thing will remain true. The game being at Utah and Utah being a good team supposed to make the playoff to say the least. If the Lakers win this on in Utah although it is too early to tell.  People may start changing their Mind about what The Lakers may do this year not next year. Time is on their side. loosing in a competitive way will still be encouraging.

Lakers Training Camp Shoot Around Day 1


“Ingram’s attitude is awesome,” Walton said after the first day of practice. “You can tell he’s been coached and he’s been…how would you say, parented correctly. This guy is incredible. He’s an incredible person. He hasn’t complained once since he’s been here this summer. He’s a phenomenal guy.”

Well That exactly what I said when I met Ingram for the first time ” attitude” . I was standing when some one approached me few days back to ask for a pen . Turn around it happened to be Brandon Ingram. I game him a pen And told him what the Lakers fans  expect of him. a lot you are our savior I told him and he smiled. so I left . few minutes later He came to me to give me my pen back. I repeated to him all the expectations of the Lakers fans. I told him I was part of the Lakers Nation he smiled  again and left with his compagnon holding a bag. What impressed me  the most was his attitude as referred By Coach Walton. What a great kid we got here.   Read the rest


Lakers Nation about 3 days Ago I had a little chat with Brandon Ingram On his way out of Town.

All I can say Down The earth. Good attitude: The Kind  of guy every one would love to see succeed.  The kid Has a good futur. I told Him he was The Lakers Hope And Every Lakers Fan is expecting a lot from him. All he had to do  was lough. After Meeting him, I have that confidence on him and I think The kid will succeed base on his right attitude.

20150329 MCDAAG closed practice Brandon Ingram (1).JPG


Luke Walton Comments on Brandon Ingram, D’Angelo Russell, State of Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers haven’t cracked 30 wins since the 2012-13 season, but new head coach Luke Walton will attempt to reverse course and lead the Purple and Gold back to prosperity during his first year at the helm.

And if Walton hopes to gradually restore the Lakers’ status as one of the NBA‘s most exciting young teams, he’ll need to develop the talents of youngsters Brandon Ingram and D’Angelo Russell along the way. Read The story