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Lakers NAtion. NBA icon Jerry West bound for Clippers after Warriors title runs

Teams in the NBA will hire a player just to prevent him from going to a competitor. We Have seen  It in the NBA time after time. For some reason The Lakers seem confident letting Jerry West go to their most competitor in the Clippers sharing the same city the same building knowing what Jerry Can do. Is it Ego Partly yes. It is about getting credit rather coming together for the same purpose winning a Championship togheter. A key to the car has been given to Magic Johnson so Magic wants to show he can drive the car without any body’s help . Jerry has been successful almost every where he has been  , him been part of the Lakers will almost certainly take credit of any goods coming out of the Lakers few years to come. The problem is you have to produce and if you don’t , The Lakers fans aren’t going to seat down without challenging your ego. Let Imagine Jerry West Bring in on Board LeBron James instead    of the Lakers and becomes a factor not only for a championship while the Lakers continu to improve their young core with a minimal impact . when before Jerry The Lakers seem like a favori to land Lebron and Jerry reverses the trend.  History had told us ego can be a problem to society , Just ask Jim Buss he will tell you. it only pays if you find yourself on the good side. Any thing on the bad side  may be so destructive  , I do not know if it worth a try. Time will tell. They better get it right. I do not know if the Lakers fans will accept another 5 years of waiting and being deceived. Let hope they truly know what they are doing. In the past ego has proven to be the root cause of all problems.

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Lakers Nation. Lakers Vs Clippers Talking About Zero Defense. I mean Zero. If I Was The Lakers Coach Ingram Will Be shooting 1000 Free Throws After Every Practice

D Angelo Russell as talented as he is scoring the ball he must be one of the worst on the ball point guard defender  in the league histoire. 99.9 percent of the time, he just accompany the other player to the basket to score.  I do not know if it is fixable. I certainly hope so. Other wise It will be a night mare trying to win a championship with him as a point guard. They are going to have to camouflage him some how.

talking about offal defense.  continu reading

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