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Lakers Nation: The Lakers Have Too Much Talent To Basically be The Last Team In The League

Lakers Nation: The Lakers have Kuzma, Lonzo, Ingram, Randal, Hart , Nance, Clarkson, to that add veteran like Lopez, pop. I mean it doesn’t make sense for them to be the last team in the league. The problem, not paying attention to the schedule. The attitude of it is ok to loose, Unnecessary conflict with players. Instead of playing your best players   to start the game. You threaten players by keeping them on the bench talking about trades as the result the team lacks concentration. Listen to this kinds of records. The last in free throw shooting in the league . the only team under 70%. Last in 3 point shootings. haven’t won a game at home since nov4 loosing 9 in the row, that is simply incredible for a team trying to convince superstars to come play for them. where is your personal proud, were is the Lakers proud. Since when loosing has become some one proud. Just looking at the improvement Lonzo has made shooting 3 pointers. it goes to show you if you practice hard there will be improvement. People keep saying the Lakers practice their free throws. How hard for them to be that bad to the point where the coaching personnel didn’t notice to make them work even harder.  They have finally put on the floor their stating best 5 players. look at how long it took them to do that. The line up I proposed from the start of the season. Now add Laval Ball in the mixt. a complete night mare.


L.A.’s nightmare scenario is becoming a reality: It’s LaVar vs. the Lakers

Lakers Nation. Lakers Looses VS Raptors. What Was That Line Up The Coach Put on The floore That Went Four Minutes Without Scoring A Point?

Lakers Nation I love Coach Luke Walton but What was that line up he put on the floor that went 4 minutes without scoring a Points on a tide game. By the time he put those who was supposed to be in the game  on the fourth quarter 3 minutes before the end, the game was over. I like experimenting but common you have 82 games to experiment not when the game is so close. common man. I am happy the coach removed Lonzo Ball on the fourth. He was just too soft . and his passes were kind of lazy today and made quiet a few turnovers for that. Some of the Lakers thinks they are Lonzo Ball who can throw precise pass from the back court. A lot of them turn into turn overs when they could have simply run with ball to the basket and pass it need be when the defense commit. instead they try to throw it from far   to make a 3 on 2 fast break a  wasted opportunity. They are young those will improve with time.

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