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Analysis | 76ers are trading up for Markelle Fultz, and Celtics are taking giant leap of faith

Clearly The NBA Habit is changing with time. It used to be , the last thing you want to do make a team in your conference great to challenge your team. By boston giving Fultz to Philadelphia clearly they are making that team  much better to challenge them in the east.  I will be surprised if next year the Lakers tank   to try to get to the same spot as the last two years as it will not do them any good. so this time around they have no choice but try to do better if not make the playoff. How many numbers one players do a team needs to become great unless you want to use all those number one choices to get a great player. Jimmy battle although a good player I do not know if LeBron stays in the east will help them past them because you know LeBron will try to improve that team next year. now if LeBron decide to leave as all speculation has been running hot boston will become the goat in the east regardless. by making Philadelphia   great  any thing can happened. Can you Imagine Hambiid, Fultz, Simmons    and so and so in the same team next year. we are talking about 3 number ones with tallent trying to match their assets  and who is helping them , the team they may challenge in the east. Danny Ainge may just pray god that Philadelphia doesn’t become better than Boston the few years to come. That will be something for the boston fans to digest and I do not think it will seat well if that is the case . On top of it there is no Guarantee the Lakers will not jump on Jackson since they seem to be intrigued by him too although I think they will not pass on ball.  Continue to read

Although the 2017 NBA playoffs didn’t offer much drama, the 2017 NBA Draft already has seen its share of fireworks.The Boston Celtics reportedly agreed on Friday to trade the No. 1 overall pick in this year’s draft to the Philadelphia 76ers for the No. 3 pick and a future first-rounder, as first reported by TNT's David Aldridge and Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski. The deal is expected to be finalized on Monday.With the future of the NBA potentially in the balance after this move, you’re probably looking for a little bit of clarity — and we have you covered. Here are four things you need to know about this blockbuster draft deal.


Lakers Nation: The Game was Tide on The Third Quarter suddenly The Lakers Went on The Rampage of Making Dumb Plays after Dumb Play and The Next Thing you Know the Game Was Lost And Never Recovered

I know They Are Young And Learning but how long is it going to take to Learn from the same mistakes time after time after time. We are talking about dumb Plays . inability to recognize the situation and give the ball to some one who is not paying attention. to a 7 footer running and not use to dribbling the ball, lazy passing to be pick up by the other team. How long does it takes to learn from those mistakes? Unnecessary fancy plays.   Yacks. I didnt know learning was that hard. D Angelo again with all That talent unable to use it to his advantage. No penetration to the basket. no moving without the ball, posting of other guard as promised after summer hard work. Simply stand still 3 pointers all night. Clarkson  Claimed to be at some point the Lakers best player  couldn’t buy a basket. We do not know if The Kardashian are working in his mind. He looked completely different out there exposing the ball to the defenders time after time trying to steal it lucky he had strong hands and prevented most of the try to take the ball out of his hands. His Mind didnt look right to me.  Randle waiting to play defense when it is too later . The opposition is already under the basket. They will score almost every time when you let them that deep unmolested . This is The NBA not college.


Lakers Trade Rumors: Kings ‘heavily engaged’ in D’Angelo Russell trade discussions

The Lakers have become a desperate team and ready to pull a trigger for anything. What is Demarcus cousin done for Sacramento all the years he has been there? The Lakers really think if you take a disturb man from Sacramento and bring him to Los Angeles  he is suddenly going to change because the air in Los Angeles is purer  than the air in Sacramento. Really? have you ever considered what if it fails? you have given up  your young point guard and suddenly wind up with a head each no one wants. why havent the king traded him so far? He his a great player right. So you really think if Paul George is put on the market to be traded, it is going to take this long for a team to come along. Don’t you think Because there is a problem there. Do not make a  bad problem worse. It can get worse. Have you ever considered that fact. what if it get worse? how many stars Cousin has attracted for Sacramento? dont you get it? the Lakers are no longer attractive to big time players. That time is past. and the problem lie within the organization problems that started with infighting in the family. refusing to sign Phil Jackson you may add the christ Paul trade if you want. but look in the mirror and the mirror doesn’t lie. a point guard is so valuable these days . if you do not have a good one. you will not go anywhere guarantee and cousin will not have any body to pass him the ball at the right place just like in Sacramento and he his is going to be as frustrated as in Sacramento. What is wrong with you guys? what is your problem? havent you learn from Dwight Howard saga? what did he do for you or Houston being so excited to have him thinking they had a coup against the Lakers by signing him. Why are you so desperate. I do not understand. On one hand you preach patience on the other hand  you want to make these rush deals that may result in more problems and disasters. Why take such a big chance. If there is a problem you will not be able to trade him and he will just walk for free just like Howard did at the end of his contract. What have you become Lakers since Jerry Buss is gone. So terrible, so offal, so sad to see this happening to a premier franchise as soon as it changes hands. every team want to trade disgruntle stars to the Lakers. Jimmy Batler news is also going on.     Man, Boy What else can I say. Who ever put that news about Durand going to the Lakers yesterday is an Idiot I should add

Florent Mbesse quote “ are you going to give up a point guard that is valuable for Luke Walton system for a big man that is not that valuable for Luke Walton system. Did the warriors had a great center to be successful? or a point guard to be successful?”