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Lakers Nation: They All Came West To Look For Gold They Couldnt Find In The Weak East. As If The East Wasnt Already weak Enough Paving The Way To King James to March To The Final Unscratched. Instead They Chose The Hard West. If You Cannot Get It On The Weak East How Are you Going to Get It on The HArd West? But Wait There is A way. Magic Johnson And Rob Pelinka

Lakers Nation if they cannot get it on the weak east, How are they going to get it on the  hard west with Golden States looking stronger?  with all indication showing even King James is about to arrive the following year. The Man who prevented them from winning for years. But there is a way. So let put it to work. the only way out Will be To Team up With King James in his rumored Kingdome to come that happened to be the Lakers. On The March to victory, Magic Johnson as his name may indicate   and Rob Pelinka are hard at work trying to facilitate the transition. There is a Plan and you can see it coming. let put it to work. Imagine a team of Lonzo Ball, Imgram, two Promising talent, Lopez if you can convince him to take less money to win , Zubac, Larry Nance, Guzman if it can translate to the NBA, Jordan, kcp if willing to take less to win. I have not yet to mention Randle and company with the flexibility to trade Randle and Jordan for a even better fit. Then to that add LeBron James   and Paul George. You Can easily wind up with the best fit team the NBA has never assemble. Just Imagine what LeBron James has done with Irving, Love And a bench of you know what? Imagine then what he can do with Paul George, Lonzo Ball, Imgram, Lopez, Guzman, Zubac, KCP ect….


Lakers Nation. With LeBron James On The Stand Watching, Lonzo Ball Drop 36 points, 8 Rebounds, 11 Assists To Single Handily Bring The Lakers From 15 Down To Win The Game. That Look Like Recruiting to Me, What Do You Think?

Lakers Nation. Lonzo Ball warring a Nike shoes  Didn’t Score a Point in The first quarter but dished 6 assists, Looks like Magic Johnson signature all over the place dish first and score when needed.  Then he Went on a rampage on The second half to drop 28 points to almost single handily bring the Lakers back from 15 down to a one point victory with Lebron James on the stand watching, is that recruiting or what? what do you think. I think it was both Recruiting and Nike.  Continue to read  

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Lakers Nation. Magic Johnson Just Traded The Number 2 Pic In D Angelo for The Number 27 Pic In This Draft

Lakers Nation, It is not about trading D Angelo but  About Trading D Angelo for a better player or at least for an equal value. I have a hard time understanding how a number 27 pic could serve the Lakers better than the number 2 pic. people keep saying the reason was to get rid of the Lakers Hughes contract mistake of Mozgov. The only problem with this trade they took the 22 million contract from the Nets in Brook Lopez which is more than the mozgov contract if you look at it  on a one  year basis. Meaning they probably are going to keep him for one year and let him go or resign him for a contract more than 22 million I suspect. He may be an upgrade but what good does it do the Lakers if he is not going to be here next year. Mozgov deal was 16million. so in other words you will probably let him walk unless you willing to pay another big contract to some one that never made the Net anything but  the last team in the league. do not expect him to make the Lakers a playoff team. at the end of the day the Lakers has traded D Angele for a number 27 pic. that is horrible when the could have waited until next year to do so. He  basically gave the Angelo for nothing. I wanted to see how the team of Ingram, D Angelo, ball Julius Randle would have performed now It will never happened. How Sad. 3 number 2 players  is now down to two almost to one had the reported king trade refused by the king was accepted. I have a hard time understanding the chance of a number 27 outperforming the number 2. The Problem with the Jordan and the Magic of the world, They want to see players becoming Like them on the first Draft any thing less than that is a failure and should not be kept. I wont be surprise if he trade a hell of every body in the current Lakers roster except Ingram due to a lack  of expectation.   I was expecting the Lakers to use that on the Paul George Trade if anything but a number 27 pic. Indiana is not accepting a bench number 27 or 28 for Paul George are you kidding  me ? contrary to what people seem to call it a B trade. I call it an F trade unless otherwise proven.   I do not see how a 27 pic can be better than a number 2 pic. That is just too much of the chance to take. If this one turn out to be a miscalculation , it will have a grave consequences to the Lakers rebuilt. This fast trigger pulling may turn out to be a disaster. Years of time wasting. Paul George at 28 years old and LeBron 33 years old  by the time they reach the Lakers if they ever coming  with a bench of 27 pics hardly will be the answer for the golden state warriors unless they are expecting to bring more than that




Lakers Nation: To My Opinion, It will be hard on The Lakers to Pass on Lonzo Ball

I cannot Imagine the Lakers passing on the skills exhibited on this video . may be there is more to it  that I do not know   but out of shape can be easily fixed. Much has been said about ball shooting method. the man can create separation and shoot it from Downtown LA. defense is teachable specially when signs are there. Well The Philadelphia sixes had  a chance to grab Brandon Ingram last year who was willing to play for some one who likes him regardless instead they  concentrated on a Player who probably didnt even want to play for them and hasn’t play since then. You cannot force unwillingness    on yours self and I cannot imagine how another team can force to take Lonzo Ball when his father is saying dont even try it . I cannot imagine any other team dealing with Lonzo Ball  father antics. That will be something else.  hard to Imagine . It may look like a war zone after all. Didn’t I tell  you not to draft my son? What were you thinking.

Lakers NAtion. NBA icon Jerry West bound for Clippers after Warriors title runs

Teams in the NBA will hire a player just to prevent him from going to a competitor. We Have seen  It in the NBA time after time. For some reason The Lakers seem confident letting Jerry West go to their most competitor in the Clippers sharing the same city the same building knowing what Jerry Can do. Is it Ego Partly yes. It is about getting credit rather coming together for the same purpose winning a Championship togheter. A key to the car has been given to Magic Johnson so Magic wants to show he can drive the car without any body’s help . Jerry has been successful almost every where he has been  , him been part of the Lakers will almost certainly take credit of any goods coming out of the Lakers few years to come. The problem is you have to produce and if you don’t , The Lakers fans aren’t going to seat down without challenging your ego. Let Imagine Jerry West Bring in on Board LeBron James instead    of the Lakers and becomes a factor not only for a championship while the Lakers continu to improve their young core with a minimal impact . when before Jerry The Lakers seem like a favori to land Lebron and Jerry reverses the trend.  History had told us ego can be a problem to society , Just ask Jim Buss he will tell you. it only pays if you find yourself on the good side. Any thing on the bad side  may be so destructive  , I do not know if it worth a try. Time will tell. They better get it right. I do not know if the Lakers fans will accept another 5 years of waiting and being deceived. Let hope they truly know what they are doing. In the past ego has proven to be the root cause of all problems.

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Lakers Nation. Lakers Vs Clippers Talking About Zero Defense. I mean Zero. If I Was The Lakers Coach Ingram Will Be shooting 1000 Free Throws After Every Practice

D Angelo Russell as talented as he is scoring the ball he must be one of the worst on the ball point guard defender  in the league histoire. 99.9 percent of the time, he just accompany the other player to the basket to score.  I do not know if it is fixable. I certainly hope so. Other wise It will be a night mare trying to win a championship with him as a point guard. They are going to have to camouflage him some how.

talking about offal defense.  continu reading

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Lakers shake-up: Magic is in charge after GM Kupchak fired

Associated Press |

With the Los Angeles Lakers mired in the worst years in franchise history, owner Jeanie Buss has turned to Magic Johnson to lead them back to championship contention.

And she removed her own brother from his job to do it.

Jeanie Buss fired general manager Mitch Kupchak on Tuesday and put Johnson in charge of basketball operations. Jim Buss also was dismissed as the Lakers’ executive vice president of basketball operations in a major shake-up of the struggling team’s front office.

Jim Buss retains his ownership stake in the team, but Jeanie Buss has final say under the structure set up by their late father, Jerry Buss. She used it to chart a new course for the 16-time NBA champion franchise, which has the NBA’s third-worst record at 19-39.Continu reading

Lakers shake-up: Magic is in charge after GM Kupchak fired

Lakers Nation. Cavaliers rally past Warriors in NBA Finals rematch. Some one Suggested once that The Lakers Should not Watch The Warriors Tapes. Well They Definately Wrong. To Become The Best You have to Watch The best

Lakers Nation. The passing of the ball by 2 of the best teams in the league was incredible. couple with the defense no wonder they are the 2 best teams in the league and when you add superstar status to them, it is Game over. Well, Coach Jeff Van Gandhi described it so well. Coincidently it is the Lakers problem specially of late. I have seen in games 3 Lakers standing side by side by themselves. common sense will tell you they must have some wide open players some where on the court so I need to start looking for they. Unfortunately, usually  by the time  they find them they are shooting 3 pointers unmolested as the result even the worse of the worse teams look good against the  Lakers. this is the NBA . you leave professional players who’s job is to shoot hoops all day all night wide open. they will kill you. The statistics are only good with good defense and misleading with bad defense. The result of the Lakers loosing 11 out of 12 doesn’t lie.   3 killers to the Lakers game . late te defend , not passing the ball on the 4 quarter trying to play one on one ball, lazy running back on defense, and let add dumb turn overs to it. Not passing the half court line on time when the game is on the line. not reading the defense and passing to teammate when they should not. taking bad shots at the wrong time on the 4th quarter. perfect example the hornet game after the Lakers took the lead on the 4th by 6 points didnt score a basket again until was past . Clarkson playing one on one ball stepping out of bound behind the basket. almost loosing the ball again on exactly the same play he just steeped out of bound. nick young catch and shoot with no conscience. Randle forcing an attack by himself around the opposing team 2 players to the basket for an air bal instead of reading the defense and passing when they converge. It looks like watching the same seen over and over and over again without them learning. I mean. We have seen players came into this league and learn fast. perfect example durant and Russel after 2 years together they were already good enough to make the playoff. Curry and Thompson alike. The Lakers group may take a little longer    than anticipated the learn curve being so slow.   Do not Guess me wrong they are good players  the learning process is just taking too long.

Cavaliers forward LeBron James (32) is guarded by Warriors forward Kevin Durant (35) at Quicken Loans Arena.

Despite a Lot Of Mistakes, The Lakers WOn Their First Game of the Season Beating Houston 120 to 114


Los Angeles Lakers

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Oct 26, Final

114 – 120

Los Angeles



Los Angeles Lakers Team Logo
Staples Center 1 2 3 4 Total
Rockets 38 33 25 18 114
Lakers 38 25 27 30 120

Lakers Trade Rumors: Kings ‘heavily engaged’ in D’Angelo Russell trade discussions

The Lakers have become a desperate team and ready to pull a trigger for anything. What is Demarcus cousin done for Sacramento all the years he has been there? The Lakers really think if you take a disturb man from Sacramento and bring him to Los Angeles  he is suddenly going to change because the air in Los Angeles is purer  than the air in Sacramento. Really? have you ever considered what if it fails? you have given up  your young point guard and suddenly wind up with a head each no one wants. why havent the king traded him so far? He his a great player right. So you really think if Paul George is put on the market to be traded, it is going to take this long for a team to come along. Don’t you think Because there is a problem there. Do not make a  bad problem worse. It can get worse. Have you ever considered that fact. what if it get worse? how many stars Cousin has attracted for Sacramento? dont you get it? the Lakers are no longer attractive to big time players. That time is past. and the problem lie within the organization problems that started with infighting in the family. refusing to sign Phil Jackson you may add the christ Paul trade if you want. but look in the mirror and the mirror doesn’t lie. a point guard is so valuable these days . if you do not have a good one. you will not go anywhere guarantee and cousin will not have any body to pass him the ball at the right place just like in Sacramento and he his is going to be as frustrated as in Sacramento. What is wrong with you guys? what is your problem? havent you learn from Dwight Howard saga? what did he do for you or Houston being so excited to have him thinking they had a coup against the Lakers by signing him. Why are you so desperate. I do not understand. On one hand you preach patience on the other hand  you want to make these rush deals that may result in more problems and disasters. Why take such a big chance. If there is a problem you will not be able to trade him and he will just walk for free just like Howard did at the end of his contract. What have you become Lakers since Jerry Buss is gone. So terrible, so offal, so sad to see this happening to a premier franchise as soon as it changes hands. every team want to trade disgruntle stars to the Lakers. Jimmy Batler news is also going on.     Man, Boy What else can I say. Who ever put that news about Durand going to the Lakers yesterday is an Idiot I should add

Florent Mbesse quote “ are you going to give up a point guard that is valuable for Luke Walton system for a big man that is not that valuable for Luke Walton system. Did the warriors had a great center to be successful? or a point guard to be successful?”