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Lakers Nation: The Los Angeles radio station ESPN 710 Argument Of The day Kelvin VS Marcellus. The Choice Between Winning A Champoinship And Being An All Of Famer without a Champoinship

Lakers Nation to start things off. there basically  never been an argument involving a lot of people  where  100 percent of the people will be on one side and zero percent on the other side . there will always be differences even when the matter is so obvious. so the way society separate winners from looser is by using percentage. So before we go any further let me remind you that a pole of these discussions were taken and it went in the favor of a championship 59 % with that clearly most people have chosen winning a championship a better choice.

Now let elaborate. The principal reason of having a league are to entertain,   win a championship and eventually  make money. Have you ever heard of those winning championships being criticize in a negative way for winning championships. the Horry of the world , the fisher of the world despite not being part of the all of fame all you here about theme is their nice resume of helping teams wins championships after championships taking those last shots  when every body is preoccupy with all of famers and being successful at it. on the contrary all we hear about Malone , Barclay the all of famers that missing peace in their resume of not winning a championship. the negativity that comes with that is so out spoken by the all world there is no way a human being in that position cannot be tormented even if he doesn’t have to say it . We know it must be bothersome hearing it from so many people. as the result of that people have to go from team to team chasing that ring just to tell you the importance of it. We saw Barclay chase it, we saw Malone chase it but unfortunately it didn’t happened. We are seeing Kevin Duran chasing it , LeBron James names goes    on and on and on . just to show you the importance of having it on your resume,. Do we see Horry or fisher crying around bagging to be put on a chosen all of famer list . no I do not think so. It just like having a lot of money and unable to find a true love . The J low , the holly Barry of the world with fame and Money and having difficulties finding true Loves when plainly of people with basically   nothing are loved . That asterisk on your resume being criticized by the world who remind you  of it time after time after time non stop till death. How in the world that can be enjoyable Mr. Marcellus Wiley Common man . Stop making unnecessary argument when it is so obvious



Lakers Nation. With LeBron James On The Stand Watching, Lonzo Ball Drop 36 points, 8 Rebounds, 11 Assists To Single Handily Bring The Lakers From 15 Down To Win The Game. That Look Like Recruiting to Me, What Do You Think?

Lakers Nation. Lonzo Ball warring a Nike shoes  Didn’t Score a Point in The first quarter but dished 6 assists, Looks like Magic Johnson signature all over the place dish first and score when needed.  Then he Went on a rampage on The second half to drop 28 points to almost single handily bring the Lakers back from 15 down to a one point victory with Lebron James on the stand watching, is that recruiting or what? what do you think. I think it was both Recruiting and Nike.  Continue to read  

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Lakers NAtion .Lonzo Ball’s struggles in NBA Summer League debut unsurprising, overstated

LAS VEGAS — With a quick two-handed pass — just a flick of the wrists — nearly 30 feet from the basket, on his first possession against the Los Angeles Clippers on Friday, Los Angeles Lakers rookie point guard Lonzo Ball delivered an on-the-money alley-oop lob to Brandon Ingram for a dunk. continue reading

Former UCLA guard Lonzo Ball at Lakers workout

Lakers Nation. Lakers Draft Lonzo Ball Then Coach Luke Walton Declare he Was The one Player We Wanted all Along, And Lavall BAll Guarantee The Lakers To Make The Playoff This Coming Season

Lakers nation  If I was Magic Johnson, I will Resend the D Angelo Trade just to give the Lakers Nation a chance to see what Lonzo Ball and D Angelo can do together on the back court as  The message has been sent to D Angelo  already  put your act  together or you  will be traded at no cost If the Lakers have to.  Continue to read.

Lakers Nation. Ramona Shelburne Stunning prediction of The Clippers Winning in Utah and Utah Winning In Los Angeles Came to Reality This Afternoon. Is She a Prephet, Pure Luck, Or has Insight truck Of What Goes On In The League being so Experienced. You Go figured.

Lakers Nation. When The prediction was made few days ago by Ramona Shelburn of the Lakers, Ireland a Lakers reporter thought she was crazy. So stunned he couldn’t believe she had made such a prediction. Now the question remain to be asked is as followed.  is she  a prophet ? pure luck or knows some insight out history of the league. It is Too good to be true, It was too good to be true when it was made , it is too good to be true after the result. How Can it possibly be so perfect . The same question keep coming back. Is The NBA Fix. One thing remain true there is no smoke without fire. I do not remember the Last time Golf was called a fix game. Probably because it cannot be fixed and is not fixed.  As far as The NBA is Concern , We Just cannot get rid Of The Word FIX almost every year. I will be surprised if in some fashion the referees do not get involved. Yes I said it. They are humain after all. the opposite of not being perfect. now let go a little deeper . Do They knowingly makes bad calls? Yes they are Humain who can be supporters too. so why do they continuously Denied that the NBA is fixed. Because I do not know of many thieves who will admit of stealing even after being caught. It is A business before all and needs to remain attractive    . Continu to read.

Jazz guard George Hill, drives past Clippers center DeAndre Jordan during the first half Sunday.

Lakers Nation: The Lakers Season Ended Last Night. With a Lost To The Warriors and That Game Remended Us How Far off The Lakers Still Are From A Champoinship

And the last Thing The Lakers  wanted to do is to disrespect the Lakers  Fans. Not any other fans, I mean the Lakers fans. The fan Base is so powerful and unforgotten.   Just ask the  commissioner David Stern about the Christ Paul story , Jim Buss about Phil Jackson story , Baron Scott his embattle with the young Player and ignoring the Lakers fans.  It is a terrible mistake. The Lakers fans clearly wanted the team to loose in order to give the team a better chance to  win a lottery pic next year to improve the team and keep their futur lottery. the players or who ever choose willingly to ignore that demande from the fans for stupid excuses such as they do not want some one else to take their spot when it really doesn’t matter. if the team is not good you will be treaded or dismissed anyway so what the difference. on the contrary you want the team to get better so that you can be given longer stay probably better money in the futur. The Lakers better improve next year some how . They better hope not to loose that pick and still look as bad. The Lakers fans will not forget the stupidity that just went on at the end of the regular season ignoring the fans demande. I mean the Lakers fans demande. likely the most powerful of them all . That was insulting ignoring the Lakers Nation demande . people who pays your bills.      It will be a subject of discussion if the team looses that pick and do not improve. mark my words . Continu to read Coach Walton used the word optimistic to end the season. That word is only good as long as you take advantage of all your chances to improve the team. Throwing your self under the buss with hope God will save is simply none sense in any way you want to look at it. You have to create your own luck.  That was simply stupid what they did at the end of the season.

Trade to Lakers finally gave Tyler Ennis an opportunity to showcase his skills


Lakers Nation On This Video The Difference Between Randle and Larry Nance is quiet Obvious

Lakers Nation Randle After shooting an Air ball in front of 2 Milwaukee players is jogging back while Larry Nance Spring past him to save The Lakers from another easy score. This video doesn’t lie. It Has been like that all year. One of the reason why the Lakers is among the worst defensive team in the league.  Lack of effort . D Angelo used to be like that he is improving. Let hope Randle improves too. I am positive he will improve. This must be an Embarrassing video  for him to see. if not we have a problem here.

Lakers Nation. If The Lakers Think Trading Lu William Will Bring Them A Star They so Say They Need to Get to The next level, They may be in For a Rude Awakening.

Lakers nation. The Lakers may actually get worse without Lu William their best score, their bread and butter from the Bench. The man who saved them so many times. If that Happened that will be demoralizing. I do not think the Lakers can afford to get worse. The last time I check , Magic Johnson said The Lakers are one start  away from becoming competitive. And magic Johnson was A saler to bring one in. I do not see the trade of Lu William bringing the Lakers  a star They so Seek. I do not see the Lakers beating golden State  any time soon. So what the Rush. All we are asking for the Lakers at this time is Improvement. We the fans want to see Improvement not taking chances that may make the matter worse. we didnt see the fruit of Trading Steve Black. There is no reason to believe trading Lu William will Improve things. All The gossip of Trading Players has done to the Lakers is Upset Players for them not To want to play for The Lakers. We have seen it with Gasol. Players refusing to come to the Lakers upset because the Lakers didnt treat Them well while they were here. They Missed on Whiteside as soon as they turn out good with another team suddenly they want them back. All we are asking you is to be patient and improve at This Point. Stop  listening to all the craps from outsiders and people who do not like the Lakers and do not want to see them Improve. Since the passing of Jerry Buss The Lakers have turn into a team with no direction. Jerry West Can store part of that in a limited role base on his age. we all Know what He had done over the years with teams. There is At least confidence there instead of saying we have to move to a new Blood not the past The same mistake the Lakers made refusing to hire Phil Jackson That turn the team into a saga Part of the reason why they are in this mess in the first Place  and still having problem to understand it     Continu to read 




Lakers Nation. The Great Chick Hearn used to Say not to Practice Mistakes. It is Quit Obvious This season is Lost And There May be A need To Tank But Again I feel like There is Still A need to learn for the Futur. A complete lack of effort can be Described as Practicing bad Habits . Can They continu to learn Practicing Mistakes?

Lakers Nation , When You loose by 40 it is quit obvious there wasn’t any effort made on both end. People say it doesn’t matter loosing by one or 40 Points. I Always think every humain being need to have some kind of pride in them. If you are going to loose at least make it look disent or give it an effort. Show your fans at least that you care, that you can at least stand with good teams so that even if you are loosing any way, at least we can see some futur in you and in the process, it is not  appearing as if you are tanking. 1 for 7 one for 6 and being a starter playing right under the basket is hard to swallow  . a bench player who almost never play but 2 minutes here and 3 minutes there out perform you almost every time he comes in for those 2 to 3 minutes. That is pretty sad. How many zero points games Mozgov Have had just this year if I recall at least 2. How is it possible for a professional basketball players  to play 17 to 20 minutes a game and not score a point. Being out rebounded by point guards almost every game. The effort is so discouraging watching the Young Lakers play. It Looks like They are not even learning or not willing to learn. Just going Thru the motion. Every bad teams comes in and shoot the light out on 3’s and they never learn. They do not recognized situation. They just acting as if they do not care  loosing 10 in a row. Again we the fans understand the situation. we know what is going on. We just want to see some kind of pride in these guys. And I have not seen it lately. every end of quarters is a mistake waiting to happen and they look as if they do not care.  Laziness is so contagious. Even those who tried to play hard feel like why should I play hard if the rest aren’t ? It is really sad to see. I just want to see them hang with good teams  before loosing. Not loose by 40 points and acting as if they do not care. At least have some respect for us the fans spending so much money encouraging you in win or looses . I just do not feel like they care enough. I do not see it in there talk, I do not see it in their walk and I do not see it in their action.  That really sadden me. I am Their Great fan and truly  disappointed and I wanted to let them know that. I wish they start showing some respect to their fans.  Just play hard , try to learn a good way of playing basket even if you are loosing. Try to have a good attitude of pride . Detroit is a poor team and it may look as if  you have played hard but in reality you did not because I know you can play better than that. The effort can be better.

Lakers Nation: Florent Mbesse Present Brandon Imgram. The lakers Futur

Lakers Nation, The first time I ever met Brandon Ingram I told him he was The Lakers Hope . He looked at me and smile as if he was surprise of the verdict. But down deep inside himself I knew he knows The Lakers fans have a lot of hope on him. I am sure I wasn’t the first to tell him that. When some one has a Bright futur you can see glimpse of it and that what Ingram has sown so far after 37 games. Those moves against Toronto last Night cannot be ignored. I hope he start doing more of that. look out if his shots from out side start falling  and the young boy gain some wait. He will be some thing else. The Other day I was dreaming about him and Porzingus in the same team but that the past although  it is not impossible to one day unit both. It will be so difficult thought. But I still have hope on  D Angelo to mature. To shake off the attitude that makes him look lazy and slow discussed by a lot of people. Randle is Unpredictable. We know he is a Beast , a point guard in a big body. Like to drive to the basket. A good rebounder when focus. But still has flows. Cannot run fast back on defense. doesn’t concentrate all the time on defense. Having a hard time using both hands. cannot trust his outside shot. disadvantage on height playing his position. But if he can improve on those mentioned limitation, I think he can turn out to be a pretty good player. We know what Larry Nance is . A High flyer with Dunk fest. The man who understand the game at this level . A hard worker good attitude you can right away see how much the Lakers miss him. Short of injury, The Lakers cannot go wrong on this guy. This Guy is my favorite after Ingram. I love this guy and have little negativities to say about him. Let hope he continu to improve his shot. what an unselfish guy he is. It is not about him but the team. Lovely. Zubac my baby boy Center. The guy have talent for a center . he has size. I am watching the D league just to see him play. I will be disappointed if the Lakers do not pay close attention to this guy. I saw him operate on the post the other day in the D league. I wish he  does more of that. Boys do not sell this guy short. he can block shots. He still missing the experience at time he does have that European softness. But over all the talent is there. he can run back on defense. Now Robinson and Black are energy Guys. Guys who will come at times and give you the energy. Deng effectiveness has past although it tend to come back time to time. I wish the Lakers had him when he was good. real good.  Mazgov after few years in the league I Think Had reached his potential and I do not see him getting any higher   than that. big body inside. not a good finisher around the basket for a big guy. most of good big guys percentage around the basket should be 50 percent and higher if not . I am sorry. when guard players rebound more than a 7 footer and you score zero points on games. I am sorry some thing is wrong with that picture . Lu William is Lu William a scorer when you need it off the bench. Nick Young is Nick young a score when you need it to keep the defense honest . some defense improvement. Basically this is what the Lakers are at this point of the season. A team learning in the fly with hope in the futur. How long it will take is a little unpredictable at this time. It is probably better for them to start tanking at some point if they had not already started. They are not going any where this year. My advise to them beat those 2 last years predicament to show improvement with hope to attract other stars from the league. I love Luke still a rookie but understand the situation. not like old school Coach Byron. he seem to listen to what people says and try to adjust to please every body. I like that attitude. it is good.   I wish him good luck and I want him to succeed. From your Lakers die hard fan loose or win. once a Laker will always be a Laker.