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Lakers NAtion. NBA icon Jerry West bound for Clippers after Warriors title runs

Teams in the NBA will hire a player just to prevent him from going to a competitor. We Have seen  It in the NBA time after time. For some reason The Lakers seem confident letting Jerry West go to their most competitor in the Clippers sharing the same city the same building knowing what Jerry Can do. Is it Ego Partly yes. It is about getting credit rather coming together for the same purpose winning a Championship togheter. A key to the car has been given to Magic Johnson so Magic wants to show he can drive the car without any body’s help . Jerry has been successful almost every where he has been  , him been part of the Lakers will almost certainly take credit of any goods coming out of the Lakers few years to come. The problem is you have to produce and if you don’t , The Lakers fans aren’t going to seat down without challenging your ego. Let Imagine Jerry West Bring in on Board LeBron James instead    of the Lakers and becomes a factor not only for a championship while the Lakers continu to improve their young core with a minimal impact . when before Jerry The Lakers seem like a favori to land Lebron and Jerry reverses the trend.  History had told us ego can be a problem to society , Just ask Jim Buss he will tell you. it only pays if you find yourself on the good side. Any thing on the bad side  may be so destructive  , I do not know if it worth a try. Time will tell. They better get it right. I do not know if the Lakers fans will accept another 5 years of waiting and being deceived. Let hope they truly know what they are doing. In the past ego has proven to be the root cause of all problems.

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Warriors owner wants Cavs again: ‘We have some unfinished business’

“For a good reason. Let put it this way the NBA took their Championship and Gave it to LeBron and The Cav period. We know now what can happen to a team when it looses some of it best players. The Warriors Lost Green Then Bugard and suddenly LeBron who was loosing badly became relevant and people forget that he was loosing before that.   by suspending green last year the NBA final course was changed and you cannot denied it there is proof this year for that. This are part of the reason why LeBron legacy seem to have some asterisk on it. if you look at it closely LeBron could easily have 1 championship. the one against the spurs was pure luck from Popovich mistake by taking Tim Duncan out at the end of a game already won and they couldn’t secure a rebound. How Can you be the best player so early with one earn championship one by luck and the other given to you. It looks like the league has learn not to meddle in these affairs. To Seem to be staying away this year. Good Stay away and let see which team is the best. The Lakers fans never forgive them for Christ Paul although we are starting to ease after 3 number 2 picks . I feel we have been given some back with those 3 number 2 picks and started to let go the crist Paul saga. The warriors fans and the warriors have not yet to forget I am sure The NBA better stay away from it . It will be a battle. stay away with your complicity and do your job right we will be watching. I am not a Warriors fan but I like when people earn their win not given to them And I have a problem with that and I am sure a lot of people do.”

The Cavaliers have yet to finish off the Boston Celtics, but the owner of the Finals-bound Golden State Warriors has already made it clear he wants another piece of Cleveland.

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“I don’t care who we play, but my preference is Cleveland. We have some unfinished business,” Joe Lacob said after his team completed a Western Conference finals sweep of the San Antonio Spurs, according to The Undefeated’s Marc Spears. continu to read


Slide 1 of 81: May 22, 2017; San Antonio, TX, USA; Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry (30) shoots the ball over San Antonio Spurs point guard Dejounte Murray (5) during the second half in game four of the Western conference finals of the NBA Playoffs at AT&T Center.


Lakers Nation.Why you shouldn’t overreact to LeBron’s head-scratching Game 3 performance

“no one should be judged by one game . LeBron is still the best player in te league as far as we know. but you seem to not get the point.  I have seen bad teams beat good teams when they do not come ready to play or have another point to prove. When Kobe was trying to prove the point he refused to shoot to show how bad the team is . I have seen The Lakers beat the warriors . But the point you continue to miss is as fallowed. look at Boston team and look at LeBron Team. Boston is mostly young kids from college still learning the NBA game and we know how long it takes to become a great player in this league even with talent. it took Jordan a while Kobe a while LeBron a while. But do LeBron needs all the best players on his team to win a championship? Or do LeBron needs help from the league to win a championship last year? He doesn’t . he is a great player and can do it without any bodys help just Like Jordan did it Naturally or Kobe. You stay in one team make them better and win. Not join other stars in a weak conference to beat up on weak teams before loosing to teams of your own size. That is the Problem we are having with LeBron that you Guys are missing Because of lack of education. Most People or journalist in the NBA today Probably didnt have 4 years of college When the Money Came you took it as the result you are having a judgement Problem. LeBron Doesn’t Play hard In the regular season give him the NBA MVP because he is the best Player in the league. every MVP has a cycle and a reason and purpose. You Play well in regular season You deserve an MVP from some  one who waits for the playoff to play hard because he just wants to win the ring.  Because of his action , Now 2 to 3 teams in the league has all the great players benched together and no one else can win.   The main reason why Durant went to the warriors the only way he thinks he could win. IS that true or false? I am sure you will denied it. If I have to look for smart journalism, I am sure not going to look for them in the NBA . you cannot even tell the difference between exceed expectation and meeting expectation. above and beyond for your information. trying to compare Odom to LeBron to explain meeting or exceeding expectation. That is terrible to say the least. LeBron went to the final 7 times in a weak conference surrounding with great players of his own choosing and won 3 times 2 of them by luck against the warriors last year and against the spurs, Jordan went to the final 6 times and won all 6 times. I am sure you do not see the difference because you are so quick to want to prove LeBron the king from high school that you were right. all we here is brags after brags about LeBron going to the final 7 times winning 3 times. Let the man deserve it the right way and he still has time to do it . stop forcing us to accept it. It is not an obligation. When he will earn it , I will be the first to say he now deserve it . trust me .it won’t be by you forcing me to accept it    ”

I can see it now: “What’s the matter with LeBron?” will quickly turn into “You see, this is why he’s not as good as Jordan” which will spark a reprise of “LeBron isn’t a clutch player” — that wonderfully lame argument of a few years back.

LeBron James had 11 points and six turnovers in the Cavs’ last-second Game 3 loss to the Celtics Sunday, so the first question, valid and fair, should be asked. The rhetoric that will dominate the news cycle for the next 24 hours, though — that’s neither valid or fair.

LeBron had a bad game — “pretty poor” to use his own words — and here’s why you shouldn’t read into it: Continu to read

Slide 1 of 7: I can see it now: "What's the matter with LeBron?" will quickly turn into "You see, this is why he's not as good as Jordan" which will spark a reprise of "LeBron isn't a clutch player" — that wonderfully lame argument of a few years back. LeBron James had 11 points and six turnovers in the Cavs' last-second Game 3 loss to the Celtics Sunday, so the first question, valid and fair, should be asked. The rhetoric that will dominate the news cycle for the next 24 hours, though — that's neither valid or fair. LeBron had a bad game — "pretty poor" to use his own words — and here's why you shouldn't read into it:


Lebron James Legacy Discussion On The Los Angeles Radio Station This Afternoon And Take on The Discusion

A lot of people calling and finding discrepancies on LeBron James Legacy and the radio speakers fiercely , l mean fiercely defending LeBron James Legacy basically to a perfect standard. And my take on these discussions are quite simple. One thing remain true no humain being on this earth is perfect. If search on any bady legacy regardless of who he may be.if you cannot poke some kind of defficiency on some one life then we have a problem. Clearly LeBron now is the best player in the league every body knows that and there is no argument there. But defending LeBron James to a nearly perfect stand and ignoring his defficiency and making every body who calls to pin point those defficiency seem a little naive to me and using jalousie as an excuse to explain why so many people are negative about LeBron James legacy l think is cheap and a little unfaire. I curious to find out what the journalist excuses will be if the conversation concentrate on LeBron james weaknesses only without discussing his strength. Even jordan widely considered by people as the best basketball player that ever lived jad weaknesses.a simple example despite the fact he was great it took him 7 years l believe before he started winning after the arrival of peppin. Kobe couldnt win without shaq .he needed the addition of gasol to start winning again. Clearly LeBron james couldn’t win by himself in Cleveland so he had to join wade and Bosch to start winning.those are stein you just cannot ignore.these are facts. Then once he realise he can no longer with wade and Bosch he decided to go back to cleveland to form another supper team with a younger irvin and kevin love that you decide to call the big 3 true or faulse. Clearly golden state was the best team last year. It is only after green get suspended by the league and boggurt get hurt being down 1 to 3 that Cleveland will recover to win. If you ask a lot of leople to find out if green wasn’t suspended by the league then jad Cleveland would have won last year.l will be surprise if people say yes. If you fiercely denied that the east being weaker to the west may haave contributed to the  reason why lebron james may have reach the final 7 times you are truly naive.  We probably for sure do not know that and will never know but truth is the possibility of that not happening in the west seem greater to me.but yet journalist will fiercely find an excuse for that.how do you expect people not hate lebron james when he is being fiercely defended to basically.  To a supper humain with no defect what so ever.they seem to have an excuse to almost every thing throw at them about LeBron. To me I think yhat were lies the major problem with lebron james legacies. At some point if people want to deserve credit of their defense they need to start saying je is great but yet he has onvious defficiency instead of trying to defend him at basically no fault.as we all know no humain being is perfect



The NBA Regular Season MVP Vote Coming up Soon. The completely serious way James Harden and Russell Westbrook can decide the NBA MVP vote

Despite the fact that the NBA has An All Star MVP, Regular Season MVP, Playoff MVP. Meaning the best Player of that particular time or Moment.  They still have people who argue The MVP sould Be given to LeBron James every Year because he is the best player in the league. If That was the case Why even compete for it . Just Give it to him  without any competition what so ever. LeBron James Can relax during the season and wait for the playoff to play hard let give it to him, LeBron James do not play half of the regular season Let give it to him. Kobe Bryant Can be playing on one leg let vote him as the starting all star off guard. This is How much the world is full idiots. And these assumptions are even made by full time journalists who make a living on radio and television. Some of These journalists need to start using common sense.That is how sad of the world we live in.   Despite all these stupide ideas just for conversation purpose. The MVP Never been given to the same best Players as long as he stay the best player yet a bench idiots continu to make argument about the obvious that never happened Probably will never happened . continu to read

Cavs-Warriors score, highlights, takeaways: Curry, Golden State steamroll NBA champs Dubs get revenge as Cavs look like they barely belong in the building

” The NBA Continu to draw controverses on Warriors Cavs Games. At Some Point I hope They Are going to have to let them play and let see who is the best . Stop Getting involve”

Well, that should finally make the Warriors feel a little better.

Golden State throttled the Cleveland Cavaliers 126-91 on Monday to split the regular-season series 1-1. It was Golden State’s first victory over the Cleveland since Game 5 of the NBA Finals back in June. The Warriors jumped out to a 7-0 start, and never looked back. They had runs of 10-1, 18-3 and a 14-0 run in the 4th quarter to suspend a collapse once the Cavs got it back to within 20-ish.

Kevin Durant finished with 21 points on 9-of-16 shooting, and Stephen Curry added 20 points and 11 assists in the victory. LeBron James shot 6-of-18 for 20 points and just two assists, and Kyrie Irving finished with 17 points on 19 shots. Kevin Love didn’t play the second half with back soreness. continu reading


Steph Curry’s Warriors got off to a fast start and never looked back against the defending champs. Getty Images

NBA trade rumors: Celtics have the best hand, and here’s how they can play it

The situation in Boston was very nearly remarkably different.

In ESPN’s in-depth feature on how the Warriors landed Kevin Durant, Ramona Shelburne reported that many league sources feel that if the Warriors had won the NBA Finals, when they dropped a 3-1 lead to the Cavaliers last June, Durant would not have gone to the Bay. Instead, those executives feel Durant would have signed with the Celtics, another team that hosted Durant in the Hamptons that fateful Fourth of July weekend.

Had Durant made such a decision, of course much in the NBA universe would have shifted. The Warriors likely keep much of the team from last season together, making another run with the same core that had the best NBA regular-season record in NBA history. And Boston would have immediately shot to the forefront of the Eastern Conference, in direct competition with the Cavaliers.

In this scenario, there would be serious debate about which team would win the East, even with the dominance of LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, as the Celtics would counter not only with three All-Stars of their own in Durant, Al Horford (who likely would have joined the Celtics anyway) and Isaiah Thomas, but a supporting core with players like Avery Bradley, Marcus Smart and the surprisingly capable Kelly Olynyk. Continu to read

“This is My take about This Particular story. I think the league Should not have any involvement what so ever as far as  who should  wins the NBA championship. Even putting themselves In a Situation that becomes questionable or a subject of debate. Just Like The NBA stay away from making the last call of the game. They should stay away from making any decision that may affect the NBA championship period. And I feel like and rightfully so the NBA in one way or the other participated on The reason why last year championship may have changed hand  and change the circonstances being discussed today.  Clearly By suspending Green from playing  game 5 the championship momentum shifted from the Warriors to the Cleveland Cavaliers .  If Any thing, Green Should Have been suspended against The Thunders were the obvious kick happened not against the cavaliers in a situation some what precarious and questionable. at the end of game 4 LeBron was so desperate trying to find any thing to help . was hitting on Curry chasing him around basically dogging him until this opportunity of the incident was offered by Green stupidity. A situation if reviewed , not to be compared to that of the thunder that look so obvious and the league took advantage of that situation to find an excuse “we warned you” making it look like they knew what they were prorating themselves to. That Kick wasn’t that much to deserve changing the complexion of the NBA  championship from a team that was about to make history 73 wins plus a championship. Instead the Warriors Fans and the NBA fans got rubbed at the end. That was Robbery orchestrated by the league business attitude that is in display in almost every action they make. Games are chosen to entertain during Holliday’s, Match ups are clearly well chosen to entertain the fans. I can understand that    it doesn’t affect any body in this case but please the crowed. No thing but joy not a cesse pool of controversies. The NBA has to have a face. So LeBron is The face suitable not Carry. These are premeditated things that  we know will make the league attractive. At the end of the day it is a business But none should be in the level of changing the NBA championship fortune Then with time it will reflect The WWE even thought it is not yet quiet there and I hope  will never come to that. Last year words like the NBA is a rig was flying all over the place like they always say there is no smoke without fire. I can tell you not by accident those words were mentioned. There clearly was a reason for that and because it was being spoken by a lot of people. After that Championship it was a common theme being discussed whether you like it or not. I do not think the NBA want that kind of bad publicity and they should not. “

Kevin Durant and LeBron James

US romps over Argentina in first Olympic exhibition

LAS VEGAS — New team. Same old result.

Full of new star power — and dominant on the inside — the U.S. men’s basketball team opened its bid for a third straight Olympic gold medal Friday night with a 111-74 exhibition romp over Argentina.

A game that was over almost before it began showed the U.S. has to improve its shooting and conditioning. It also showed that there is plenty of talent among a group of players that seem to want to play well for each other and their country despite the absence of Olympic stalwarts Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. continu to read

United States' DeMarcus Cousins (12) celebrates a basket against Argentina during an exhibition basketball game Friday, July 22, 2016, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/L.E. Baskow)

Exclusive Photos: Inside LeBron James’s New Los Angeles House

How can you love the city without loving the most glamour Est team in it ? The kids go ask daddy.

Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James appeared in the summer comedy Trainwreck, critics were impressed with his acting chops and his knack for comedy. Maybe he’s thinking about a few more film roles: Variety revealed last week that James has just bought himself a fancy mansion in Los Angeles’s fancy Brentwood neighborhood. The 9,350-square-foot house was custom built by “mansion specialist” Ken Ungar in 2011 for a real estate developer, his wife, and their family. The house wasn’t listed on the open market, but Curbed has gotten its hands on photos of the house taken a few years back; you can just mentally superimpose the 6’8″ James into them. continu to read


The warriors Got robbed Big Time by The League. Congratulation to LeBron For The job Well Done and Well Deserved

This should go down as one of the biggest robbery in league History if not  one of the biggest robbery in any sport. LeBron James didnt do any thing wrong . If some one hand you a key to a roll Royce there is no way in the world you will say no thanks  included my self. He deserve an Oscar for his role on the Draymond Green Saga at the end of game 4. He looked for any thing for help and got it from the league.

Just imagine running a Marathon, after working so hard to fulfill your dream you almost there and can see the end of the line then suddenly out of no where on purpose or not on purpose one of the Marathon representative just run you over while you are about to cross the line then he says sorry we are part of the process. while  down on the floor with 2 broken fingers a competitor that you have left way behind just zoom past you and win the race at your expense in the process  get all the accolade and the fanfares. To add an insult to the injury champagne is being pupped left and right  on your back yard. while you are sitting there feeling sorry for your self with no one to consulate you, “we are sorry about what had just happened to you may be next time”. instead the all world had turn their back on you and start criticizing you for being a failure. all the hard work gone to waste. That must be really hard to swallow. The fans being so down feeling let down. I can truly feel their stress and sorrow. one of those difficult time you will hope to be a dream unfortunately it is reality.

one the other hand while LeBron James was down and out at the end of game 4 feeling so desperate looking for anything for consolation. suddenly he turns around the ball has been fumble on his lap just pick it up and start dancing around.  In no time He went from despair to one of the happiest man on earth.  I mean that is not luck that is destiny. out of 3 championships 2 of them basically fell on his lap. Remember the spurs game 6 in Miami. A game already won. Coach Popovich will remove Tim Duncan who could  have secured a rebound for them in the process instead Miami got 2 offensive of rebounds that they converted into a 3 points at the last second to win that game eventually win the Championship How many luck one personne can get. This guy must be loved by god and he is destine for prime time. The only challenge have left for him to accomplish is coming to the west and repeating what he did in a weak conference in the east after picking and choosing his players. A challenge I have asked of him. If he can meet that. I will not see How some one will doute this guy. He is certainly a great player.

In the mean time I fill so sorry for the warriors. I hope the league has learned not to interfere in this kind of situation and let the teams battle for them selve to see which team is the best. You Can not have million of people discussing about the matter if the Draymond suspension wasn’t a controversy with most people saying they would have let it go and the league saying other wise . It was discussed by people in the media and a lot of people said they would have let it go. yet again the league entered  another controversy as if the Christ Paul saga wasn’t enough. It is really sad. I feel so pained for the Warriors all that wasted work it has to be devastated.  all the good you did for the league just like that forgotten.

Golden State Warriors' Stephen Curry answers questions during a post-game press conference after Game 7 of basketball's NBA Finals Sunday, June 19, 2016, in Oakland, Calif.