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Lakers Nation: The Lakers Have Too Much Talent To Basically be The Last Team In The League

Lakers Nation: The Lakers have Kuzma, Lonzo, Ingram, Randal, Hart , Nance, Clarkson, to that add veteran like Lopez, pop. I mean it doesn’t make sense for them to be the last team in the league. The problem, not paying attention to the schedule. The attitude of it is ok to loose, Unnecessary conflict with players. Instead of playing your best players   to start the game. You threaten players by keeping them on the bench talking about trades as the result the team lacks concentration. Listen to this kinds of records. The last in free throw shooting in the league . the only team under 70%. Last in 3 point shootings. haven’t won a game at home since nov4 loosing 9 in the row, that is simply incredible for a team trying to convince superstars to come play for them. where is your personal proud, were is the Lakers proud. Since when loosing has become some one proud. Just looking at the improvement Lonzo has made shooting 3 pointers. it goes to show you if you practice hard there will be improvement. People keep saying the Lakers practice their free throws. How hard for them to be that bad to the point where the coaching personnel didn’t notice to make them work even harder.  They have finally put on the floor their stating best 5 players. look at how long it took them to do that. The line up I proposed from the start of the season. Now add Laval Ball in the mixt. a complete night mare.


L.A.’s nightmare scenario is becoming a reality: It’s LaVar vs. the Lakers

Lakers Nation. Kuzma Is Not A Rookie Lonzo Ball is. I will not be surprise if he wins rookie of The Year , Congratulation for An Excellent Win

Lakers Nation < Kuzman is unbelievable good. He may one day turn out to be the Lakers best player and I will not be surprise,  When is defense improve and likely to improve this guy will be some thing else. Man Lonzo is really struggling. The Lakers free throws left to be desire. Part of the reason why they loosing games. Way too many free throws missed. If you are the last in the NBA. If that is not enough motivation to worker harder and harder. Sorry you motivation factor may be a problem. The Lakers have so many good players. if they can only shoot free throws. This team will be scary in the future. If I was LeBron James and do not win a championship this year. I will really pay attention to this team. they are so young and can expend his career by a lot and win multiple championship even surpass Jordan 6 championship. Lakers news

Lakers surprise Rockets with impressive win and snap their 14-game winning streak

Lakes Nation. The Lakers VS The Nuggets. I Simply Do not like The Lakers Starting Line Up And It looks to me as If Luke Walton Is being Forced to Have Lonzo On The Court On The Fourth And Bad Coaching With The Wrong Line Up On The Flour at The Wrong Time Turn Out To Be a Disaster.

I do not remember the last time a good team had the Bench outplaying the starters. Do you?  The staring line up has basically 3 Players who cannot score Lonzo, Larry Nance and Lopez being on the funk because of being misused doesn’t help either. This is a Guy who used to score 20 points a game he has now become nothing but  a 3 point shooter specialist with the Lakers. The biggest problem his 3 point scoring with the Lakers is so bad   that it is not helping the team. A very poor rebounder for a big man slow at best and basically unable to keep up with a fast opposing big man. Add bad free throw shooting to the mix my goodness, Way to many dilemma to overcome. Do they really work hard on their throws? It remain to be seen. The team falls being right at the gate with a bad starting line up with 3 players who cannot score. The bench comes in takes the lead they put the starters back  again, they loose the lead. Then suddenly disaster struck on the fourth quarter on a tide game. Lonzo comes in shoot air ball 3 pointers on a tide game the next thing you know they are down by 6 points. Instead of passing the ball to each other on the fourth , they become a one on one team. You cannot beat a team with 3 starts out who can you beat?   You cannot beat Sacramento one of the worse team  in the league who can you beat? you cannot beat the lowly clippers who can you beat, You tell me.  Can’t you see that there is a problem Mr. Walton? continue to read.


Lakers' Kyle Kuzma named rookie of the month, and he might play Saturday

Lakers Nation. ulis???? Who is He ? I have never Even Heard Of Him. He looks Like a Sperstar Out There Against Lonzo. This Is What we Are Talking About.

Lakers Nation Ulis Of all people. Who is this guy. Being defended by Lonzo on the 4th quarter . He looks like a superstar with the same move over and over and scoring at will. on the other Lonzo no impact what so ever cant even score a layups. Man There is a lot of work to do here. the talent seem to be there thankfully but . There is a but there. so far some thing seem to be missing . we understand he is still a rookie,. But 29 % shooting? for a guard 50 % Free throws my goodness that is scary. How in the world you are going to put this guy on the floor on the 4th not being able to shoot free Throws.  Man I have never heard of that before. He is going to have to practice hard every day to improve that. This cannot go on for ever. it will be a disaster For Magic and the Lakers. They did so well with Guzma. He may turn out to be their best player after all. When he decide to score. That guy is deadly. I do not know why he waited the second half to start doing it. Has far as Randle is concern I think They should trade him. He is not a consistent hard worker. I am sorry man

Los Angeles Lakers' Julius Randle looks to pass during the second half of an NBA preseason basketball game against the Denver Nuggets, Wednesday, Oct. 4, 2017, in Ontario, Calif. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

Lakers Nation. It has Been With Sadness Watching The Lakers Play The Last 3 Games. The Talent is There But The Preparation and The Mental To Play Games On The Road Just Left to Be Desire. Talking About Having A bad Test In your Mouth. Man

Lakers Nation . Against Boston the Lakers had an opportunity to steal that game. But came to loose the game . not ready to play the first two quarters as the result lost the game. Against Washington they didn’t even bother to show up and we can have an excuse for it. Young team not used to back to back. Then against the Bucks a team that played a night before was on the game for 3 quarters then went on a funk with 4 turn overs. I mean dumb turn overs. They didn’t even shoot the ball during those turn overs and most of them underneath the basket. They penetrate almost at the basket instead of shooting it , instead they try to pass it for a turn over. I can understand ball kuzma mistakes on those instance . This is their first year so i can understand that . But Clarkson, Randle   who has been here for a while cannot determine a 3 second in the key , over dribbling, Moving picks . not paying attention to pick and roll . so sad to watch. These guys need to be toughed to play basketball. some one needs to watch video with them and tell them this is bad , please do not do it again that way. When you are on the road you cannot turn the ball over. You cannot come not ready to play. You must practice your free throw. every one who ever watch basketball knows that. It is sad to see them missing free throw after free throws on the road not ready to shoot them telling me they didn’t practice their free throws enough before coming to the game. and that is the coaching  responsibility to make sure they practice enough  , It is so stressful seating there and watching them make mistakes after mistakes after mistakes. Just unbelievable.  Then to compensate from this, they have this issue with Randle that is being feed to the news every day  . How can one player or the team for that matter  concentrate  with that ? Just way too much distraction. If you are not going to keep Randle do you have to let him know that every day and the man is trying to play basketball. Do we care listening to all these craps every day? of course no. we just want to watch basketball period. keep all those garbage to yourself . Can.t you learn to keep a secret. Haven’t you learn. You just got busted by the league for Paul George for not keeping your mouth shut and you have not yet to change. Every body is a rookie on that team. The players rookies, the coach rookies , management rookies. it is just incredible.

By the way Mr. Ball congratulation on your record breaking game. the youngest rookie with a triple double. I wished we could have sold it for a win. And i Am sure Lonzo would have agreed with me

Lakers Nation. The Lakers Are Started To Get On My Nerve. After 4 Years of Stress We Were Promised Excitement Not quitting, Laziness, Dumb Plays

Lakers Nation after all the pain we went thru already. We are talking about 4 years of pain . We were promised excitement this year not quitting on games , not laziness not fights arguments with players that resemble  the last past  years. You are playing at home leading by 17 points then you become lazy making dumb passes trying to become lonzo Ball out there with stupide passes. Against Toronto, I saw several times the Lakers on a fast break 3 on one and try a Lonzo Ball like pass that get stolen and going the other way. common man clearly common sense tells you when you are on a 3 to1 fast break you dribble the ball to the basket until that one  defender commit then you have a choice to pass the ball to one of your 2 colleagues for an easy lay up  instead they tried a long Lonzo Ball pass and loose the ball, That is dumb . They were leading by 17 points and let  the  game get away  with stupidity , unforced errors then get lazy not going back on defense the coach upset put a bench of player on the floor on a winnable game at home that went 4 minutes without scoring a basket and you loose a . How is that going to make us the fans happy. When winning comes with difficulties , you should take advantage of all opportunities not let them slip thru yours fingers . At the end of the day we may wound up with the same 4 years bad team when we know the talent is there. Again all we are asking is excitement as promised. Is that too much to ask ? The talent is there . whereis the problem, I was so upset, I didn’t watch the Utah game. That how upset I was. I never missed a Laker’s game.  Guys just give it all for your fans , We are not expecting  you to make the playoff but if you do that will be a present surprise , certainly we are not asking you to go win a championship because we know with certainty that you will not.

Lonzo Ball Says He’s to Blame for Lakers Loss to Jazz After ‘2 Dumb Plays’

Lonzo Ball

Lakers Nation. Lakers Looses VS Raptors. What Was That Line Up The Coach Put on The floore That Went Four Minutes Without Scoring A Point?

Lakers Nation I love Coach Luke Walton but What was that line up he put on the floor that went 4 minutes without scoring a Points on a tide game. By the time he put those who was supposed to be in the game  on the fourth quarter 3 minutes before the end, the game was over. I like experimenting but common you have 82 games to experiment not when the game is so close. common man. I am happy the coach removed Lonzo Ball on the fourth. He was just too soft . and his passes were kind of lazy today and made quiet a few turnovers for that. Some of the Lakers thinks they are Lonzo Ball who can throw precise pass from the back court. A lot of them turn into turn overs when they could have simply run with ball to the basket and pass it need be when the defense commit. instead they try to throw it from far   to make a 3 on 2 fast break a  wasted opportunity. They are young those will improve with time.

Read the rest   Lakers vs. Raptors Final Score: Second half blues strike as Lakers lose 101-92

Lakers Nation. The Los Angeles Lakers came close to Giving Away A Game Already Won. Leading by 8 Points With 32 Second to Go. A Learning Experience

Lakers Nation . The Lakers were leading by 8 points with 32 second to go . Instead of running the clock down Ingram will take a bad shut early as the result Phoenix will score on the other side with free throw given for 3 points . Lopez  will miss 1 free throw and score one . and Phoenix will score another 3 pointer to bring the score down to 2 points after Ingram  miss one free throws and score one .   The Lakers will commit a fool again to put them on the line  Lucky they missed the first free Throws and the Lakers forget to box out the free throws shooter who almost tide the game before the clock run out. Those are the growing pain the Lakers Nation are going to have to live . I thought against the Clippers I saw Lonzo ball trying to help Ingram on the floor while the other team is scoring the other side on a 5 on 3 . Lonzo Play a great game. That Boy can score rebound and pass the ball . He almost had a triple double . He is going to be great. I do not know why he thinks he should only shoot 4 times while the team is loosing badly. I guess some one had to criticize him for playing bad for him to decide to prove people wrong. That boy is a teaser.

Ball’s second act is superb in Lakers’ win over Suns

PHOENIX, AZ - OCTOBER 20: Lonzo Ball #2 of the Los Angeles Lakers handles the ball under pressure from Eric Bledsoe #2 of the Phoenix Suns during the second half of the NBA game at Talking Stick Resort Arena on October 20, 2017 in Phoenix, Arizona. The Lakers defeated the Suns 132-130.

Lakers Nation: Watching The Lakers play Last Night Few Words comes in Mind. Inexpirience, Not used to Each Other, Defense, Unable to Shoot Free Throws. Randle Lost In The Mix and Finally Lonzo The Cool Boy. We Need To Give Them Time

Lakers Nation  there is a big difference between showing off your nice work during the NBA time off . Those pictures makes them look in good shape but does it translate to the game it self . Watching that first game with the Clippers obviously not. For the past few years, the Lakers team has exchanged players years after years as the result it  clearly shows a bunch of Guys with a lack of cohesiveness playing pick up games at Venice Beach with a relax Lonzo ball  and a Randle who is not pleased with playing from the bench. Mr. Ball, Welcome where  the big boys play. Pretty soon You are going to have to wake up and smell the coffee. At the end of the day , it is only a first game with a lot of learning. They need time and I hope unless they brings in 2 max players as promise, the team will need to concentrate on experience of playing together rather  exchanging the all team every year except few young core. It takes a long time for a team to come together and exchanging them every year for the same quality doesn’t help that much as the result, Lonzo ball revolution will not happen overnight

Blake Griffin #32 of the LA Clippers drives between Larry Nance Jr. #7 and Lonzo Ball #2 of the Los Angeles Lakers to score during the first half of the Los Angeles Lakers home opener at Staples Center on October 19, 2017 in Los Angeles, California.





Lakers Nation: They All Came West To Look For Gold They Couldnt Find In The Weak East. As If The East Wasnt Already weak Enough Paving The Way To King James to March To The Final Unscratched. Instead They Chose The Hard West. If You Cannot Get It On The Weak East How Are you Going to Get It on The HArd West? But Wait There is A way. Magic Johnson And Rob Pelinka

Lakers Nation if they cannot get it on the weak east, How are they going to get it on the  hard west with Golden States looking stronger?  with all indication showing even King James is about to arrive the following year. The Man who prevented them from winning for years. But there is a way. So let put it to work. the only way out Will be To Team up With King James in his rumored Kingdome to come that happened to be the Lakers. On The March to victory, Magic Johnson as his name may indicate   and Rob Pelinka are hard at work trying to facilitate the transition. There is a Plan and you can see it coming. let put it to work. Imagine a team of Lonzo Ball, Imgram, two Promising talent, Lopez if you can convince him to take less money to win , Zubac, Larry Nance, Guzman if it can translate to the NBA, Jordan, kcp if willing to take less to win. I have not yet to mention Randle and company with the flexibility to trade Randle and Jordan for a even better fit. Then to that add LeBron James   and Paul George. You Can easily wind up with the best fit team the NBA has never assemble. Just Imagine what LeBron James has done with Irving, Love And a bench of you know what? Imagine then what he can do with Paul George, Lonzo Ball, Imgram, Lopez, Guzman, Zubac, KCP ect….