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Lakers Nation All this Picture shows is a sense of frustration , Revenge , Hate, No Sense of Responsability what so Ever To Why PAul George is Left The team

LAkers NAtion. This Picture is all About frustration , revenge , hate finger pointing and no sense of responsibility what so ever to why Paul George left Indiana Pacers . They think the mirror is false . may be they need to start looking at the mirror and they will find an answer. Do we have to hate our co worker before they got promoted for doing a better job or at least for a better interview. for some one else lost it becomes some body else opportunity.

Lakers Nation. Lakers Podcast: What would it take to convince LeBron James to come to L.A.?

”  Lakers Nation. For the past few years, I have been criticizing LeBron James or let put it this way people have been criticizing LeBron James for playing in a weak conference and accumulating and bragging about going to the final 8 times and winning 3 times with a loosing percentage. let just concentrate at 8 times in the finale because that what most of his fans included journalists want people to know. let forget about playing in a weak conference and a loosing record when getting to the final. the people who like him want people to just concentrate on that and give him the title of the best player ever even thought the majority of people would say not quit there yet . Jordan went to the final 6 times and won all six times and have 6 titles LeBron has 3 but his career still unfolding meaning there is still a chance to surpass Jordan. if he stop today game over. a lot of athletes will tell you I do not read those criticism but let me tell you this, most of the time they lie. they on social media all the time how can they not read our criticism . I am afraid to say they do read them. LeBron James is a business man who reads hour writing so he knows exactly what he needs to do to surpass Michael Jordan because I, in particular has explained it to him  several times . stop playing in a weaker conference and let people give you respect of what you probably deserve. I had told him if Durant goes to the warriors he may not win another championship and I am not far off . and I told him his best chance was to come to the Lakers. Now let imagine for a moment. LeBron James comes west and play for the Lakers a storied franchise who has been struggling for years now. suddenly make the Lakers, a proven bad Lakers teams with most fans in basket not only good but with that wins a championship or two and beat the so call super team. who in the world will doughty denied him the best player in the world title? so LeBron knows exactly what he needs to do to succeed . I have told him that sever times . Now it is his choice to want to follow that path or not.”

LeBron James’ next destination remains at the center of just about any discussion about the NBA and you’ll never guess where the latest rumors have him landing.
Ric Bucher reported that many executives across the league believe he’s already somehow made up his mind and will eventually play for the Los Angeles Lakers.
It’s a prediction that makes almost as much sense as Jim Gray thinking Paul George has done the exact same thing and was ready to announce the big news on live television before quite possibly the biggest fight of the last 50 years.
Spoiler Alert: He did not announce his free agency decision a full year in advance on live television before quite possibly the biggest fight of the last 50 years. continue reading


Lakers Nation:Lakers reportedly enamored with Lonzo Ball. A Story To read by All Lakers Fans

Lakers Nation. Things could get quite interesting in Los Angeles if the Lakers land a high draft pick.

The Lakers are said to be enamored with point guard Lonzo Ball and would likely draft him if they were in a position to do so, according to ESPN’s Chad Ford (via Silver Screen &roll)

Ford reportedly believes the Lakers would have UCLA’s Ball atop their draft board, followed by Washington’s Markelle Fultz and Kansas’ Josh Jackson.

Ball has long expressed an interest in playing for the Lakers, which are his hometown team. Magic Johnson has expressed a desire to bring starpower to the Lakers, and Ball would deliver that. They would seemingly be a perfect match. Do Not be Surprise If the Lakers becomes a Ball corporation in the futur. Meaning all the Balls Playing for the Lakers exclusively .  continue to read

Mar 19, 2017; Sacramento, CA, USA; UCLA Bruins guard Lonzo Ball (2) look on in game against the Cincinnati Bearcats during the second round of the 2017 NCAA Tournament at Golden 1 Center.

Lakers Nation:The Lakers By Beating Memphis Last Night, As a Fan , To me They Have Acheived What was Expecting of Them, Winning more Than The Last 2 disatrous Years To Show Improvement, With Nothing left To Prove At this point, anything More Than That will Show Being Naive and Not Aware of The surrounding Specially when every body Knows What Going on

“In a league where every body is trying to rest players when they are not sick and teams are obviously tanking to position them selve with a chance for a better player. Giving Away your chance of winning an extra player will show stupidity and lack of awareness of the surrounding and None Sense and That will simply be scary to think That we are trying hard to improve this team by not paying attention to details . We Simply cannot afford to miss opportunities by trying to fool no one. Every body knows what going on and do not pretend to act as if  you do not know. if I am going to support a Team with hope for the futur. I expect  to see  some good decisions making. Time has come to put the none sense away and start acting like winners. I do not see 5 games making too much of the difference to a point where you should care less about the futur. It is simply too Much to loose not to act humain”  . Stop Acting Dumb and start acting humain.

read some more

Lakers rookie Brandon Ingram is feeling close to 100%


Lakers Nation: The Lakers Themselve, The referees And The Timberwolves at one point or The other affected the Game. The Lakers Eventually Went Down By 25 Points and Never Recover from it Despite the Fact They cut It Under 10 Points

I Think it is about time the Lakers start Playing the all games instead of going down by a big margine and trying to become Eros by coming back and winning games. that is not a recipe of success. In this young season They have already lost 2 winnable Games with Mentality of thinking like that. They just do not play hard the first 2 quarters as they should giving opponents more than 30 points the first quarter in particular.  Luo Deng looks more like a 37 years old world peace Than a 31 years old  Nick Young. I have not seen such a good players at 31 years old unable to score a basket games after games after games. I think the Lakers got cheated out of this country. Luo Deng doesn’t appeared to be 31 years old to me. Our African Brothers are known about rectifying their age.   At this pace I hardly see him staying 4 years with the Lakers unless things changes and soon. I usually do not  criticized referee . On this one I do not have a choice. if you are going to call touch falls you have to call it on both side. The 25 points deficit came with the referee help I shall say Luke Walton was so frustrated he had to say something. well some days it goes your ways others it doesn’t. It was just one of those days. The Lakers aided the slide by not playing hard on a back to back game on the road , you simply cannot afford to do that. Every times opponents Player do not play , they comme lazy and relax. That got to change.



Lakers Nation: Lakers preview Today Friday 28 Vs Utah In Utah

Will The Lakers second game be as successful as The first one? We will found Out today starting at 6pm when they face Utah. One thing will remain true. The game being at Utah and Utah being a good team supposed to make the playoff to say the least. If the Lakers win this on in Utah although it is too early to tell.  People may start changing their Mind about what The Lakers may do this year not next year. Time is on their side. loosing in a competitive way will still be encouraging.

D’Angelo Russell solid in Lakers’ exhibition loss to Kings. He was the only bright spot aside of Ingram Making more shots this time alround.Clarkson was consistent

some one said Clarkson was the Lakers best Player? The Lakers have two potential best Players talent wise. Their Names are Russel and Ingram. In addition, they do Have very good players. you do not teach talent. It is natural. When couple with experience they make a superstar. Last Night against the king, It was better to play defense fouling Than not playing defense at all.it looks like it will be wise for them to play defense by fouling until they learn to play defense without fouling or it will be a long season. What happened to Larry Nance Lately.   

D'Angelo Russell, Jordan Farmar   his Coach told him to keep shooting his teammates too he listened, Read the rest        

The NBA Is Back So Is The Los Angeles LAkers. Luke Walton has ‘special feeling’ right before coaching Lakers to preseason win

“The Lakers Down By 19 points on the 2 quarter beat Sacramento by 19 points on their first exhibition game”

Luke Walton has often insisted he just hasn’t  had the time to think about how cool it was to be the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers. Even just one hour before the Lakers played the Sacramento Kings in their exhibition opener Tuesday night, the butterflies hadn’t hit. continu to read

Jordan Clarkson, George Papagiannis


Lakers Nation about 3 days Ago I had a little chat with Brandon Ingram On his way out of Town.

All I can say Down The earth. Good attitude: The Kind  of guy every one would love to see succeed.  The kid Has a good futur. I told Him he was The Lakers Hope And Every Lakers Fan is expecting a lot from him. All he had to do  was lough. After Meeting him, I have that confidence on him and I think The kid will succeed base on his right attitude.

20150329 MCDAAG closed practice Brandon Ingram (1).JPG


Walton hopes to build Lakers’ foundation through relationships: I have the Gut Feeling The Lakers will Surprise A lot Of People

Unlike last years when the Lakers carry a lot of players who didnt even deserve to be in the NBA, This year, almost every one is an NBA player yes with no experience but yet with talent. Every position is almost filled and likely Bill Walton will use a lot of them so being tired may not be a factor. An extra year of experience for the young core will not hurt either. chemistry so far looks good and likely to be that way  which wasn’t the case last year. Fox it is Bill Walton who went unbeaten last year for a while despite having a young core there is trust to be built there. They have been working hard together to improve their games. Mascove doesn’t look like that guy who will fall on the ground at any occasion and look sour running back on Defense. Deng is a solide veteran to add who can play defense. Ingram wants to win the rookie trophy although it will be hard doing it from the bench but the desire is there. D Angelo wants to prove he deserve to be the number 2 pic . 3 point shooting may improve with Walton. Competition among players will prove to be useful.

“We’ve started building relationships with our players. I think that’s a big key to coaching,” Walton said. “We’ve made it a fun and enjoyable place for them to come to work out, train and get better. I think that’s a big reason why, even though it’s optional, a lot of the guys are coming in.” read more