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Lakes Nation. The Lakers VS The Nuggets. I Simply Do not like The Lakers Starting Line Up And It looks to me as If Luke Walton Is being Forced to Have Lonzo On The Court On The Fourth And Bad Coaching With The Wrong Line Up On The Flour at The Wrong Time Turn Out To Be a Disaster.

I do not remember the last time a good team had the Bench outplaying the starters. Do you?  The staring line up has basically 3 Players who cannot score Lonzo, Larry Nance and Lopez being on the funk because of being misused doesn’t help either. This is a Guy who used to score 20 points a game he has now become nothing but  a 3 point shooter specialist with the Lakers. The biggest problem his 3 point scoring with the Lakers is so bad   that it is not helping the team. A very poor rebounder for a big man slow at best and basically unable to keep up with a fast opposing big man. Add bad free throw shooting to the mix my goodness, Way to many dilemma to overcome. Do they really work hard on their throws? It remain to be seen. The team falls being right at the gate with a bad starting line up with 3 players who cannot score. The bench comes in takes the lead they put the starters back  again, they loose the lead. Then suddenly disaster struck on the fourth quarter on a tide game. Lonzo comes in shoot air ball 3 pointers on a tide game the next thing you know they are down by 6 points. Instead of passing the ball to each other on the fourth , they become a one on one team. You cannot beat a team with 3 starts out who can you beat?   You cannot beat Sacramento one of the worse team  in the league who can you beat? you cannot beat the lowly clippers who can you beat, You tell me.  Can’t you see that there is a problem Mr. Walton? continue to read.


Lakers' Kyle Kuzma named rookie of the month, and he might play Saturday

Lakers Nation. The Difference Between Julius Randle And LArry Nance Junior. Lakers VS Milwaulkee

Lakers Nation. The Difference Between Larry Nance and Julius Randle clearly showed during the game between the Lakers Vs Milwaukee. At The End of Game Milwaukee was trying to come back to win the game. Randle will shot an air ball and the ball was intercepted by Giannis Antetokounmpo on a fast break to the Lakers basket Larry Nance who was under the Milwaukee basket when Randle shot The Ball will hustle back past Randle Joking back and block Giannis pass that went out of bound and was given to the lakers after reviewed for the Lakers to put the game away.  To me  That scene alone said a lot about the 2 players . Randle can run fast to the basket we know that but for some reason he hates to run fast back to defend. a lot of time an opponent will run past him and go and score.  Quite a few Time coach Luke Walton had taken him off the game base on those behavior. I hope and think he will change with time. just an observation. Any body who suggest that the Lakers should trade Larry Nance must  not like the Lakers. he is their most Intelligent player why trade him. Do people realize How Difficult it has been for the Lakers to found good players these days. They Basically want Lu William their bread an butter from the bench be traded too   Continu to read

Los Angeles Lakers' Julius Randle (30) drives against Milwaukee Bucks' John Henson during the first half of an NBA basketball game Friday, Feb. 10, 2017, in Milwaukee. (AP Photo/Jeffrey Phelps)

Lakers Nation: Since D Angelo Russell HAd refused To to Give a Response to Damian Lillard however I do have Bad news for Lillard

“Lakers Nation. I Do have bad News for Damian Lillard. He needs to go ask for advice From Goran Dragic about Messing with the Lakers Young core. They are not fighters but dances.  They are Here to stay and will not be pushed around with intimidation. This is just a start and they will get tougher with time. How Long Damian has been in The league if I may ask? well more years than these Lakers babies. Damian is not yet to smell The coffee and I do not see it happening quit soon . It is Just the matter of time before these boys learn all the tricks The NBA have to offer and start biting with regulation”. Way to go boys we are all 100 % behind You And we love YOU. As Far as The Elbows Story is concerned, I Think Lillard Can Always address that with the referees not to D Angelo who was doing his job and 3 referees didnt see anything wrong with his elbows obviously that is why they didnt call him for elbowing. There is a reason why they do have referees on the floor.  I am Afraid to say This doesn’t reflect  an  attitude of some one from a so call tough neighborhood but rather of some one who is scared to get fined . Damian I think you need to go cry to the league. you are barking at the wrong tree.

D'Angelo Russell Luke Walton Julius Randle Jordan Clarkson Lakers



Lakers Nation: Florent Mbesse Present Brandon Imgram. The lakers Futur

Lakers Nation, The first time I ever met Brandon Ingram I told him he was The Lakers Hope . He looked at me and smile as if he was surprise of the verdict. But down deep inside himself I knew he knows The Lakers fans have a lot of hope on him. I am sure I wasn’t the first to tell him that. When some one has a Bright futur you can see glimpse of it and that what Ingram has sown so far after 37 games. Those moves against Toronto last Night cannot be ignored. I hope he start doing more of that. look out if his shots from out side start falling  and the young boy gain some wait. He will be some thing else. The Other day I was dreaming about him and Porzingus in the same team but that the past although  it is not impossible to one day unit both. It will be so difficult thought. But I still have hope on  D Angelo to mature. To shake off the attitude that makes him look lazy and slow discussed by a lot of people. Randle is Unpredictable. We know he is a Beast , a point guard in a big body. Like to drive to the basket. A good rebounder when focus. But still has flows. Cannot run fast back on defense. doesn’t concentrate all the time on defense. Having a hard time using both hands. cannot trust his outside shot. disadvantage on height playing his position. But if he can improve on those mentioned limitation, I think he can turn out to be a pretty good player. We know what Larry Nance is . A High flyer with Dunk fest. The man who understand the game at this level . A hard worker good attitude you can right away see how much the Lakers miss him. Short of injury, The Lakers cannot go wrong on this guy. This Guy is my favorite after Ingram. I love this guy and have little negativities to say about him. Let hope he continu to improve his shot. what an unselfish guy he is. It is not about him but the team. Lovely. Zubac my baby boy Center. The guy have talent for a center . he has size. I am watching the D league just to see him play. I will be disappointed if the Lakers do not pay close attention to this guy. I saw him operate on the post the other day in the D league. I wish he  does more of that. Boys do not sell this guy short. he can block shots. He still missing the experience at time he does have that European softness. But over all the talent is there. he can run back on defense. Now Robinson and Black are energy Guys. Guys who will come at times and give you the energy. Deng effectiveness has past although it tend to come back time to time. I wish the Lakers had him when he was good. real good.  Mazgov after few years in the league I Think Had reached his potential and I do not see him getting any higher   than that. big body inside. not a good finisher around the basket for a big guy. most of good big guys percentage around the basket should be 50 percent and higher if not . I am sorry. when guard players rebound more than a 7 footer and you score zero points on games. I am sorry some thing is wrong with that picture . Lu William is Lu William a scorer when you need it off the bench. Nick Young is Nick young a score when you need it to keep the defense honest . some defense improvement. Basically this is what the Lakers are at this point of the season. A team learning in the fly with hope in the futur. How long it will take is a little unpredictable at this time. It is probably better for them to start tanking at some point if they had not already started. They are not going any where this year. My advise to them beat those 2 last years predicament to show improvement with hope to attract other stars from the league. I love Luke still a rookie but understand the situation. not like old school Coach Byron. he seem to listen to what people says and try to adjust to please every body. I like that attitude. it is good.   I wish him good luck and I want him to succeed. From your Lakers die hard fan loose or win. once a Laker will always be a Laker.


Lakers Nation . I overheard the Lakers radio announcer Ireland and company criticize the coach not in a bad way for not putting D Angelo on the 4th quarter of the Hornet lost. Against the Heat The Coach made sure D angelo was there on the 4th quarter. Guess who Screw up the game on the 4th D Angelos with 2 crucial turn over with the game on the line. a bad pass and a block that resulted on the other team scoring 2, 3 pointers in the row

Lakers Nation . I overheard the Lakers radio announcer Ireland and company criticize the coach not in a bad way for not putting D Angelo on the 4th quarter of the Hornet lost. Against the Heat The Coach made sure D Angelo was there on the 4th quarter against the Heat. Guess who Screw up the game on the 4th D Angelo with 2 crucial turn over with the game on the line. a bad pass and a block that resulted on the other team scoring 2 3 pointers in the row

Lakers Training Camp Shoot Around Day 1


“Ingram’s attitude is awesome,” Walton said after the first day of practice. “You can tell he’s been coached and he’s been…how would you say, parented correctly. This guy is incredible. He’s an incredible person. He hasn’t complained once since he’s been here this summer. He’s a phenomenal guy.”

Well That exactly what I said when I met Ingram for the first time ” attitude” . I was standing when some one approached me few days back to ask for a pen . Turn around it happened to be Brandon Ingram. I game him a pen And told him what the Lakers fans  expect of him. a lot you are our savior I told him and he smiled. so I left . few minutes later He came to me to give me my pen back. I repeated to him all the expectations of the Lakers fans. I told him I was part of the Lakers Nation he smiled  again and left with his compagnon holding a bag. What impressed me  the most was his attitude as referred By Coach Walton. What a great kid we got here.   Read the rest


Luke Walton takes over as the Los Angeles Lakers’ new coach

Luke Walton has always been one to pass the ball, even in his days on the blacktop as an 8-year-old at St. Vincent de Paul School.

He grew up in San Diego, son of an NBA champion, and learned early the key part to succeeding in pro basketball. His father, Bill, told him that the best players were the ones that made their teammates better. continu to read

Luke Walton takes over as the Lakers' new coach

Luke Walton The Lakers new Coach

The hiring of Luke Walton

Since the Phil Jackson debacle a few years back, the Lakers management have learn their lesson. Stay in tune with the fan base. Put your ego away at least you will share the blame if anything goes wrong with the fans. The fan base wanted luke Walton   they got Luke. The management is happy the fans are happy. the Lakers nation is on the path for salvation. at least it appears.

Luke Walton Comments on Becoming Lakers Head Coach, Warriors and More