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Lakers NAtion There is Report: Derrick Rose ‘leaning toward’ signing with Cavs. Why Does He Want to Sign With A Team Every body is Trying to Run From Including The two Best Players who May not Even Finish The Year Overthere. Wouldn’t it Be Smarter For Him To Preced Lebron To The Team every body Think he Is Going Soon In This Case The Lakers figure to be Part of his choice

Dear Mr. Rose haven’t you notice every body is running from that team? In case you haven’t notice and been on a different planet let me remind you There is report That  Clearly says The two best Player of That team By the Name of LeBron James If you haven’t heard of that Name , and Irving are seeking  a way out by 2018 meaning it can be sooner than that, included those who wanted to come have decided to stay away by the name of Anthony and etc. basically the team so far has  signed Jose Carbe who? a bench warmer?  wouldn’t it be smarter to go to a team every body think LeBron is going to in this case the Lakers your other choice ? LeBron is a business man who gives signal before it happen . proof before he went back to Cleveland there were signal and it was being discussed in the media.    I hope  after reading this memo you will be smart enough to change your mind . Continue to read  

Derrick Rose could have a big role if he signs with the Cavs.


Analysis | 76ers are trading up for Markelle Fultz, and Celtics are taking giant leap of faith

Clearly The NBA Habit is changing with time. It used to be , the last thing you want to do make a team in your conference great to challenge your team. By boston giving Fultz to Philadelphia clearly they are making that team  much better to challenge them in the east.  I will be surprised if next year the Lakers tank   to try to get to the same spot as the last two years as it will not do them any good. so this time around they have no choice but try to do better if not make the playoff. How many numbers one players do a team needs to become great unless you want to use all those number one choices to get a great player. Jimmy battle although a good player I do not know if LeBron stays in the east will help them past them because you know LeBron will try to improve that team next year. now if LeBron decide to leave as all speculation has been running hot boston will become the goat in the east regardless. by making Philadelphia   great  any thing can happened. Can you Imagine Hambiid, Fultz, Simmons    and so and so in the same team next year. we are talking about 3 number ones with tallent trying to match their assets  and who is helping them , the team they may challenge in the east. Danny Ainge may just pray god that Philadelphia doesn’t become better than Boston the few years to come. That will be something for the boston fans to digest and I do not think it will seat well if that is the case . On top of it there is no Guarantee the Lakers will not jump on Jackson since they seem to be intrigued by him too although I think they will not pass on ball.  Continue to read

Although the 2017 NBA playoffs didn’t offer much drama, the 2017 NBA Draft already has seen its share of fireworks.The Boston Celtics reportedly agreed on Friday to trade the No. 1 overall pick in this year’s draft to the Philadelphia 76ers for the No. 3 pick and a future first-rounder, as first reported by TNT's David Aldridge and Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski. The deal is expected to be finalized on Monday.With the future of the NBA potentially in the balance after this move, you’re probably looking for a little bit of clarity — and we have you covered. Here are four things you need to know about this blockbuster draft deal.


Lakers Nation. Winners And Losers From The NBA Draft Lottery. The Lakers got What They Wanted Regardless of weather Magic Johnson Knew In Advance That The Lakers Already Got The Pick so I guess The Gods are On The Lakers Side if One do Beleive That The League is in Fact Not A Rig. Right?

Well Just think about This Ramona Sherborn of The Lakers Predict that the Clippers will win In Utah game 6 And loose game 7 at Home  and the prediction look so perfect Ireland a Lakers reporter couldn’t believe it but yet it happened exactly the way it was predicted. Now The Lakers beloved Coach Luke Walton goes On National Tv and said Magic Already guarantee him The pick and the story look so good that the Lakers not only got the pick but move to number 2 in position to get exactly what has been being discussed on the media. Too good to be true Right. The league is not a rig. So say The Media reporters who are supposed to not criticize the league on the wrong way knowing their pay checks are the reason why the league exist. We are living in  A perfect world . This Is America. God Has given us all we want to look so perfect at all time. A Country that went from a Country that didnt exist 185 years ago to the most powerful country on earth. The country who has more churches than any other country in the world. We believe in got more than any country in the world so we get to enjoy that perfect ride. We are the one who is Protecting The god’s land in Israel from being run over  In the Middle east so we deserve it. LeBron James down 1 to 3 in the finals last year and loosing badly the league find an excuse to suspend one of the warriors best player suddenly LeBron team became relevant again The world over let just give him the title of the best player ever. do not guess me wrong the man is a talented guy but put on a position they are forcing the world to accept he is perfect without flows and the world questioning every easy way he found to get there when Michael Jordan , the Kobe of the world didnt . It came to them naturally thru the course of their career not pick and choose not being helped by the league. Those who believe the league is perfect as if the world if perfect by itself will tend to dismiss the truth. may be the media need to ask The spurs how they feel loosing their best player the same way the Warriors felt when Green Was suspended last Year by the league during the final. Yes this is just an observation from my own seeing like it or not. but on a lot people minds out there they know I speak the truth with out reservation. So Continue to read The rest and enjoy it while you can Lakers Fans. No more heart burns at least from the draft next year. this was the end of pick number 3 or loose it. The Competition with Boston is coming and coming soon, isn’t that what the league wants? old revelry that will make the league relevant again to the roof .

The 2017 NBA Draft is incredibly deep, with all 30 first-round picks likely to produce for their teams sooner than later — and the Boston Celtics get their pick of the whole batch.The Celtics cashed in on the 2013 trade that sent Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to Brooklyn in exchange for the right to swap 2017 first-rounders with the Nets. Brooklyn, which finished the 2016-17 season with the worst record in the NBA, technically won the lottery, only to watch the pick go to Boston.Oh, and good news if you're a Lakers fan: Los Angeles beat the odds to keep its 2017 first-round pick, which ended up No. 2 overall.Now that the draft order is set, here's our first-round mock for the 2017 NBA Draft. Will your favorite team find the next superstar of tomorrow or be doomed to another year in the lottery?(All stats via Sports-Reference, measurements via Draft Express.)

Lou Williams traded to Rockets for Corey Brewer, pick

Lou Williams is heading to Houston.

The Lakers agreed to trade Williams to the Rockets for Corey Brewer and a first-round pick, according to The Vertical’s Adrian Wojnarowski

Reports leading up to the Thursday’s NBA trade deadline said the Lakers were looking to deal Williams. The Charlotte Hornets were also in pursuit of him, but the new Magic Johnson-led front office dealt the sixth man to Houston instead. The Jazz and Wizards are other teams that were reported as having interest in Williams.

Williams was in his second season with the Lakers and averaging a career-high 18.6 points per game on 44.4 percent shooting. Williams is making $7 million this season and under contract for $7 million next season. Continu reading

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Lakers Nation: The Lakers Themselve, The referees And The Timberwolves at one point or The other affected the Game. The Lakers Eventually Went Down By 25 Points and Never Recover from it Despite the Fact They cut It Under 10 Points

I Think it is about time the Lakers start Playing the all games instead of going down by a big margine and trying to become Eros by coming back and winning games. that is not a recipe of success. In this young season They have already lost 2 winnable Games with Mentality of thinking like that. They just do not play hard the first 2 quarters as they should giving opponents more than 30 points the first quarter in particular.  Luo Deng looks more like a 37 years old world peace Than a 31 years old  Nick Young. I have not seen such a good players at 31 years old unable to score a basket games after games after games. I think the Lakers got cheated out of this country. Luo Deng doesn’t appeared to be 31 years old to me. Our African Brothers are known about rectifying their age.   At this pace I hardly see him staying 4 years with the Lakers unless things changes and soon. I usually do not  criticized referee . On this one I do not have a choice. if you are going to call touch falls you have to call it on both side. The 25 points deficit came with the referee help I shall say Luke Walton was so frustrated he had to say something. well some days it goes your ways others it doesn’t. It was just one of those days. The Lakers aided the slide by not playing hard on a back to back game on the road , you simply cannot afford to do that. Every times opponents Player do not play , they comme lazy and relax. That got to change.



Kevin Durant says Lakers rookie Brandon Ingram is ‘like I’m looking in the mirror’

The comparisons have been impossible to escape for Los Angeles Lakers rookie Brandon Ingram. The ultra-thin sharpshooter from Duke has heard the similarities to Warriors superstar Kevin Durant.

Now, Ingram can hear them from Durant, himself.

“First person I can say, that I can look at him and feel like I’m looking in the mirror,” Durant said Tuesday when asked about Ingram after Team USA practice.

However Brandon Ingram can Brag of being the better good looking of the two.

Lakers fans lost their minds over D’Angelo Russell’s summer league game winner Ice In His Veines did It Again

The Lakers trailed the all game and couldn’t buy a basket . They were shooting 29 % from the floor until Larry Nance Jr Dunk on the forth quarter for Ice In the veines D Angelo to save the game at the end, The MVP goes to Larry Nance however. He was a monster to keep them in the game. What another great player the Lakers Have. He is The real deal. Read more

LAS VEGAS, NV - JULY 9: The crowd cheers during the game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Philadelphia 76ers during the 2016 NBA Las Vegas Summer League on July 9, 2016 at The Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of Getty Images License Agreement. Mandatory Copyright Notice: Copyright 2016 NBAE (Photo by Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images)

Some Lakers Players Were Surprised Byron Scott Was Fired

Any one who was surprised about  Coach Baron firing must live in another planet and needs to see a psychiatrist. With a back to back worse franchise records, well documented friction with the 2 Lakers futur stars, the fans hate of Baron old style couple with Mitch and Buss self imposed death row. How can some one be surprised?