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NBA News :Moving Picks Have Become a Weapon of Choice in The NBA Use By Referees When They Want To Favor one Team Over The Other Specially On The Fourth Quarter And I Think The League Needs To Start looking Into That Unless They are Part of The Skim

NBA News  . We know from Fact that favoritism do existe in the NBA. Referees are Human Being and not perfect, A perfect example during the final last year Warriors Vs Cleveland. Game 4 of the NBA final represent one of the most obvious cheating, favoritism I have ever seen in any normal sport. For one Reason or the other that particular group of referees didn’t want Cleveland be beaten by 4 zero so did everything humanly possible to make sure Cleveland wins that game. On the first quarter alone they handed so many fouls to the warriors to an historical unexplainable distraction I have ever seen in my life and the all world knew without a doubt that was favoritism. Even the dumbest human being who never watch basketball could have seen it. Now that we have establish that the referees being Human Being does favors teams overs the others. Let look at the latest trend of cheating they have adopted to accomplish their task. Moving picks specially on the fourth quarter when the game is tight. We all know moving picks are one of those fouls that can be called any time they wishes. They can call it to any player at any times and they are very difficult to detect to come up with a positive answer one way or the other so I have noticed, it has become a weapon of choice. Let for example take last night game Portland Vs The Lakers on a tight game . How many times do they call it against the Lakers and how many times they call it against Portland at the most opportune time. That was ridiculous. The over time games Lakers golden State how many miss calls do the Referees  made, That was alarming. To my recommendation I think the league watching the game on TV should come up with a way to override some of these obvious bad calls during  games not when the game is already lost. they do not have to go on a TV set to review them. As the camera is showing them on TV they can just call them and tell them to change the obvious mistakes. It is really annoying to see teams loosing close games because of that. To the referees credit , Not all referees are bad. There is a hand full of them that are absolutely bad. The game Lakers, Houston was one of those games you can tell the referees were on the Lakers side . It is so hard to pay money to watch these games and you see all these obvious cheating going around and you seat there wondering. It is absolutely mind boggling having to watch it has a fan of basketball. You want the best team to win deserving so. Yet you have to deal with cheating , favoritism .  I know it is a business but common you need to think about the fans too. Stop favoritism, stop obvious cheating

Tim Donaghy in 2010.jpgTim Donaghy a pect example of cheating in the NBA . He is not the only one . He was Just caught.


Warriors owner wants Cavs again: ‘We have some unfinished business’

“For a good reason. Let put it this way the NBA took their Championship and Gave it to LeBron and The Cav period. We know now what can happen to a team when it looses some of it best players. The Warriors Lost Green Then Bugard and suddenly LeBron who was loosing badly became relevant and people forget that he was loosing before that.   by suspending green last year the NBA final course was changed and you cannot denied it there is proof this year for that. This are part of the reason why LeBron legacy seem to have some asterisk on it. if you look at it closely LeBron could easily have 1 championship. the one against the spurs was pure luck from Popovich mistake by taking Tim Duncan out at the end of a game already won and they couldn’t secure a rebound. How Can you be the best player so early with one earn championship one by luck and the other given to you. It looks like the league has learn not to meddle in these affairs. To Seem to be staying away this year. Good Stay away and let see which team is the best. The Lakers fans never forgive them for Christ Paul although we are starting to ease after 3 number 2 picks . I feel we have been given some back with those 3 number 2 picks and started to let go the crist Paul saga. The warriors fans and the warriors have not yet to forget I am sure The NBA better stay away from it . It will be a battle. stay away with your complicity and do your job right we will be watching. I am not a Warriors fan but I like when people earn their win not given to them And I have a problem with that and I am sure a lot of people do.”

The Cavaliers have yet to finish off the Boston Celtics, but the owner of the Finals-bound Golden State Warriors has already made it clear he wants another piece of Cleveland.

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“I don’t care who we play, but my preference is Cleveland. We have some unfinished business,” Joe Lacob said after his team completed a Western Conference finals sweep of the San Antonio Spurs, according to The Undefeated’s Marc Spears. continu to read


Slide 1 of 81: May 22, 2017; San Antonio, TX, USA; Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry (30) shoots the ball over San Antonio Spurs point guard Dejounte Murray (5) during the second half in game four of the Western conference finals of the NBA Playoffs at AT&T Center.


Cavs-Warriors score, highlights, takeaways: Curry, Golden State steamroll NBA champs Dubs get revenge as Cavs look like they barely belong in the building

” The NBA Continu to draw controverses on Warriors Cavs Games. At Some Point I hope They Are going to have to let them play and let see who is the best . Stop Getting involve”

Well, that should finally make the Warriors feel a little better.

Golden State throttled the Cleveland Cavaliers 126-91 on Monday to split the regular-season series 1-1. It was Golden State’s first victory over the Cleveland since Game 5 of the NBA Finals back in June. The Warriors jumped out to a 7-0 start, and never looked back. They had runs of 10-1, 18-3 and a 14-0 run in the 4th quarter to suspend a collapse once the Cavs got it back to within 20-ish.

Kevin Durant finished with 21 points on 9-of-16 shooting, and Stephen Curry added 20 points and 11 assists in the victory. LeBron James shot 6-of-18 for 20 points and just two assists, and Kyrie Irving finished with 17 points on 19 shots. Kevin Love didn’t play the second half with back soreness. continu reading


Steph Curry’s Warriors got off to a fast start and never looked back against the defending champs. Getty Images

You’re an idiot if you think the NBA is rigged? The best Way to Say It Would Have Been You are an Idiot if You Think The NBA is Perfect. They Make as Many Mistakes as Every Humain Being makes. And Refuses to Accept That They are not Perfect.

It is not About being Rigged Idiot. It is about Them Making Mistakes . Why The NBA Do not call Games Exactly The way it is supposed to be called. why Stars Are More favors Than Rookies. Or why the home Teams are most Likely to get more Calls, why You Do not suspend Green Against OKC with a better Flagrant falls Than against Cleveland, Why at the end of Games calls are not the same as At the beginnings of Games.  We Can go Thru so Many why all day long and you will find quit perfectly that the NBA is not perfect. Neither are Humain Being Idiot.  Is That a reason to call people idiots because of their Opinion. or you are the one who is an idiot because you cannot understand why so many people are upset when you could have let team battle games by themselves instead of getting involved. And let see which team is really the Best.  Do you have a problem With that Mr. Idiot.  Notice any body can call every Body idiot if they like because the world doesn’t lack idiots. Every body has been an idiot at some point of their life. A british Man will tell you , you have an accent when you speak English. so you can also tell a British Man like wise you have an accent when you speak English. Let not call each other Idiot because each of us has to Express our opinion. Before you call some one else an idiot may be you need to look at the mirror because the mirror doesn’t lie.  Read the story line

LeBron James (left), Channing Frye (middle), Draymond Green (right)


Is The NBA Embarque in Favoritism: Can Some one Without A Brain of A Surgeon Explain this?

Is the NBA embarque In favoritism? Against OKC in Favor of Warriors and against Warriors in favor of LeBron? You do not have to be a Brain surgeon to know that Draymond Green should have been suspended here so Obvious he is kicking OKC player groing. Which video have they been watching?

Image result of draymond green leg kicking okc

Not Here .  so Obvious he is the one who is being kicked by LeBron James after putting him down.

A Message To young Brothers LeBron James and Kevin Durant. I have Made a Similar Advise before. This is just a Reminder

  • when Dwight Howard played for the Lakers, I met him once that day he seemed like a very nice guy to me and I instantly liked him and he told me to come to the game to watch the Lakers. I had told him I never missed a Lakers game on T.V. and I want you to stay with the Lakers. He didnt say any thing in reply. I wanted him to succeed so bad just for him being so nice to me. yet he chose the wrong way and that was his choice I understand. he had a chance to go to the warriors or stay with the Lakers but chose the Houston and could have been winning championships by now. it takes one wrong turn to blew it. My advise to Kevin Durant and LeBron James today is as followed. You both will not be wrong if you come to the Lakers. The Lakers is basically the only team that can absorbed 2 max players. and this is an opportunity of a life time you can not miss. just like Luke Walton said . The Lakers job was too good of the opportunity for him to pass. you both can say the same thing today and you will not go wrong for years to come. there is no way both of you at your prime with a combination of young players talent will progress faster with your presence in some of them with a chance to even be superstars themselves you can go wrong no way in the world. instead of trying to kill yourselves for years trying to save franchises. it is not about saving franchises but about your legacy. just imagine how much championships you both can win together. and in the process cure all your problems and more. winning cure most problem. LeBron can surpass Michael Jordan and prove all critics wrong including me by coming to the west and duplicating his record from the east going to the final years after years and this time winning and winning big. Kevin will never had to look back one day and became another Charles Barkley people lough at all the time by winning championships. fox this is not rocket scientist thinking here . It is just common sense. How in the world some one can pass such an opportunity. all both have to do right now call each other and just say brother what do you think no way in the world durant will say no or LeBron for that same matter nor the Lakers. all you have to do after that wait July 1 to sign that contract and no reason to wait or trying to visit teams after teams after teams. Take my advise brothers you will one day look back and say that brothers was right. I will just need a thank you from you no more than that. An advise from a brother to younger brothers who loves you and want you to succeed. I have been hard on LeBron lately but do not take it the wrong way brother. I speak the truth to boost you to make the right decision but not to hurt you like you may think. Look at how beautiful it all blind together.