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NBA News :Moving Picks Have Become a Weapon of Choice in The NBA Use By Referees When They Want To Favor one Team Over The Other Specially On The Fourth Quarter And I Think The League Needs To Start looking Into That Unless They are Part of The Skim

NBA News  . We know from Fact that favoritism do existe in the NBA. Referees are Human Being and not perfect, A perfect example during the final last year Warriors Vs Cleveland. Game 4 of the NBA final represent one of the most obvious cheating, favoritism I have ever seen in any normal sport. For one Reason or the other that particular group of referees didn’t want Cleveland be beaten by 4 zero so did everything humanly possible to make sure Cleveland wins that game. On the first quarter alone they handed so many fouls to the warriors to an historical unexplainable distraction I have ever seen in my life and the all world knew without a doubt that was favoritism. Even the dumbest human being who never watch basketball could have seen it. Now that we have establish that the referees being Human Being does favors teams overs the others. Let look at the latest trend of cheating they have adopted to accomplish their task. Moving picks specially on the fourth quarter when the game is tight. We all know moving picks are one of those fouls that can be called any time they wishes. They can call it to any player at any times and they are very difficult to detect to come up with a positive answer one way or the other so I have noticed, it has become a weapon of choice. Let for example take last night game Portland Vs The Lakers on a tight game . How many times do they call it against the Lakers and how many times they call it against Portland at the most opportune time. That was ridiculous. The over time games Lakers golden State how many miss calls do the Referees  made, That was alarming. To my recommendation I think the league watching the game on TV should come up with a way to override some of these obvious bad calls during  games not when the game is already lost. they do not have to go on a TV set to review them. As the camera is showing them on TV they can just call them and tell them to change the obvious mistakes. It is really annoying to see teams loosing close games because of that. To the referees credit , Not all referees are bad. There is a hand full of them that are absolutely bad. The game Lakers, Houston was one of those games you can tell the referees were on the Lakers side . It is so hard to pay money to watch these games and you see all these obvious cheating going around and you seat there wondering. It is absolutely mind boggling having to watch it has a fan of basketball. You want the best team to win deserving so. Yet you have to deal with cheating , favoritism .  I know it is a business but common you need to think about the fans too. Stop favoritism, stop obvious cheating

Tim Donaghy in 2010.jpgTim Donaghy a pect example of cheating in the NBA . He is not the only one . He was Just caught.


Lakers Nation: The Lakers Themselve, The referees And The Timberwolves at one point or The other affected the Game. The Lakers Eventually Went Down By 25 Points and Never Recover from it Despite the Fact They cut It Under 10 Points

I Think it is about time the Lakers start Playing the all games instead of going down by a big margine and trying to become Eros by coming back and winning games. that is not a recipe of success. In this young season They have already lost 2 winnable Games with Mentality of thinking like that. They just do not play hard the first 2 quarters as they should giving opponents more than 30 points the first quarter in particular.  Luo Deng looks more like a 37 years old world peace Than a 31 years old  Nick Young. I have not seen such a good players at 31 years old unable to score a basket games after games after games. I think the Lakers got cheated out of this country. Luo Deng doesn’t appeared to be 31 years old to me. Our African Brothers are known about rectifying their age.   At this pace I hardly see him staying 4 years with the Lakers unless things changes and soon. I usually do not  criticized referee . On this one I do not have a choice. if you are going to call touch falls you have to call it on both side. The 25 points deficit came with the referee help I shall say Luke Walton was so frustrated he had to say something. well some days it goes your ways others it doesn’t. It was just one of those days. The Lakers aided the slide by not playing hard on a back to back game on the road , you simply cannot afford to do that. Every times opponents Player do not play , they comme lazy and relax. That got to change.