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Lakers Nation: 2017 NBA Final Game 4 The Warriors VS The Referees. Who says The Referees Can not change A Game in The Nba. Game 4 Of the 2017 Cleveland VS The Warriors was a Perfect Example . I do not know who the Referees Thought They Were Fooling. That is Ashamed and Unfortunate

2017 NBA Final Game Four The Warriors VS The Referees and the Warriors Vs Cleveland

Listen to this. Cleveland shots 22 free throws in the first quater alone  an history record almost unheard of  In the process scored 49 points against the best defense in the world a record of behind proportion . their average from the first 3 games  was around 22 fouls shot a game  for the all game. If I was a referee part of that crew I should have been ashamed of my self . I truly do not know who they think   they  are fooling. it is so obvious and didnt even seem ashamed about it. If I was the commissioner I would lunch an investigation against those referees for corruption but since they are probably part of the skim, I am quiet sure they will keep their eyes close and look the other way. This is part of the reason why poor LeBron get hated due to favoritism from the League. People are smart enough to know what happening I guess that what was needed to beat the warriors and keep them away from another record.