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NBA News :Moving Picks Have Become a Weapon of Choice in The NBA Use By Referees When They Want To Favor one Team Over The Other Specially On The Fourth Quarter And I Think The League Needs To Start looking Into That Unless They are Part of The Skim

NBA News  . We know from Fact that favoritism do existe in the NBA. Referees are Human Being and not perfect, A perfect example during the final last year Warriors Vs Cleveland. Game 4 of the NBA final represent one of the most obvious cheating, favoritism I have ever seen in any normal sport. For one Reason or the other that particular group of referees didn’t want Cleveland be beaten by 4 zero so did everything humanly possible to make sure Cleveland wins that game. On the first quarter alone they handed so many fouls to the warriors to an historical unexplainable distraction I have ever seen in my life and the all world knew without a doubt that was favoritism. Even the dumbest human being who never watch basketball could have seen it. Now that we have establish that the referees being Human Being does favors teams overs the others. Let look at the latest trend of cheating they have adopted to accomplish their task. Moving picks specially on the fourth quarter when the game is tight. We all know moving picks are one of those fouls that can be called any time they wishes. They can call it to any player at any times and they are very difficult to detect to come up with a positive answer one way or the other so I have noticed, it has become a weapon of choice. Let for example take last night game Portland Vs The Lakers on a tight game . How many times do they call it against the Lakers and how many times they call it against Portland at the most opportune time. That was ridiculous. The over time games Lakers golden State how many miss calls do the Referees  made, That was alarming. To my recommendation I think the league watching the game on TV should come up with a way to override some of these obvious bad calls during  games not when the game is already lost. they do not have to go on a TV set to review them. As the camera is showing them on TV they can just call them and tell them to change the obvious mistakes. It is really annoying to see teams loosing close games because of that. To the referees credit , Not all referees are bad. There is a hand full of them that are absolutely bad. The game Lakers, Houston was one of those games you can tell the referees were on the Lakers side . It is so hard to pay money to watch these games and you see all these obvious cheating going around and you seat there wondering. It is absolutely mind boggling having to watch it has a fan of basketball. You want the best team to win deserving so. Yet you have to deal with cheating , favoritism .  I know it is a business but common you need to think about the fans too. Stop favoritism, stop obvious cheating

Tim Donaghy in 2010.jpgTim Donaghy a pect example of cheating in the NBA . He is not the only one . He was Just caught.


Lakers Nation. Cavaliers rally past Warriors in NBA Finals rematch. Some one Suggested once that The Lakers Should not Watch The Warriors Tapes. Well They Definately Wrong. To Become The Best You have to Watch The best

Lakers Nation. The passing of the ball by 2 of the best teams in the league was incredible. couple with the defense no wonder they are the 2 best teams in the league and when you add superstar status to them, it is Game over. Well, Coach Jeff Van Gandhi described it so well. Coincidently it is the Lakers problem specially of late. I have seen in games 3 Lakers standing side by side by themselves. common sense will tell you they must have some wide open players some where on the court so I need to start looking for they. Unfortunately, usually  by the time  they find them they are shooting 3 pointers unmolested as the result even the worse of the worse teams look good against the  Lakers. this is the NBA . you leave professional players who’s job is to shoot hoops all day all night wide open. they will kill you. The statistics are only good with good defense and misleading with bad defense. The result of the Lakers loosing 11 out of 12 doesn’t lie.   3 killers to the Lakers game . late te defend , not passing the ball on the 4 quarter trying to play one on one ball, lazy running back on defense, and let add dumb turn overs to it. Not passing the half court line on time when the game is on the line. not reading the defense and passing to teammate when they should not. taking bad shots at the wrong time on the 4th quarter. perfect example the hornet game after the Lakers took the lead on the 4th by 6 points didnt score a basket again until was past . Clarkson playing one on one ball stepping out of bound behind the basket. almost loosing the ball again on exactly the same play he just steeped out of bound. nick young catch and shoot with no conscience. Randle forcing an attack by himself around the opposing team 2 players to the basket for an air bal instead of reading the defense and passing when they converge. It looks like watching the same seen over and over and over again without them learning. I mean. We have seen players came into this league and learn fast. perfect example durant and Russel after 2 years together they were already good enough to make the playoff. Curry and Thompson alike. The Lakers group may take a little longer    than anticipated the learn curve being so slow.   Do not Guess me wrong they are good players  the learning process is just taking too long.

Cavaliers forward LeBron James (32) is guarded by Warriors forward Kevin Durant (35) at Quicken Loans Arena.

Details of Jerry West’s Warriors pitch to Kevin Durant emerge

“West spoke to Durant from the perspective of an all-time great player who kept falling short of winning an NBA championship, ” ESPN’s Chris Broussard reported Sunday afternoon. “While West won a title with the Los Angeles Lakers in 1972, he lost his first 7 trips to the NBA Finals and finished 1-8 in the Finals overall. West, 78, told Durant those losses still eat at him to this day, according to sources.”

“West also told Durant that playing alongside the Warriors’ star trio of Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green would make it much easier on him,” the ESPN report continued. “West opined that in Oklahoma City, most of Durant’s shot attempts are difficult and contested.” continu to read

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Stephen Curry says he’s ‘ignoring’ the haters, but don’t buy it. The war zone The Good and The Selfish

Wise people will tell you. Let people judge you than you judging yourself. Obviously LeBron James seem to have a problem people being better than him or let put it this way he doesn’t seem to want to share success with others. Most great players the Like of Magic, Bird , will rather give credit to another competitor they know have as much talent as them than go on   T.V. and try to discredit some one who may be better than them. LeBron by Nature looks, feels, smells  like a shellfish personne to me spoiled by the media at youth. It is all about him. he wants to win a Championship he will side with other stars in Miami  to get what he wants. The minutes he feels like the interest is no longer there, He will leave his so call friends in the cold and move on for something he perceive to be better. He  can careless about your feelings. In part you may blame the media of making him feel this way, becoming this  monster.

From youth, he has been call a king. to his mind nothing can surpass him. He truly believes he is a king no matter what people may say otherwise and act that way. No one is taking my crown from me regardless. it is mine and I do not care what other people thinks attitude. On the surface it looks so bad when another great player call you being jalouse of him.   He is going to have to prove to himself and to everyone else that this is what he really is by action not simply by talk. he better win more championships or his legacy will have an asterisk to it as a spoiled little kid who didnt quit measured to Michael Jordan as most people though he would . it is time to prove it by action not by talk Mr. Lebron. This guy truly believe the world belong to him no one else. Click here to read the story.

Stephen Curry, LeBron James