Take a flyover tour of the Crenshaw/LAX light rail . It will link the Expo and Green lines

“Christian Taty, Jeremy Mahanga, Francine Jobet, Idriss Shy, Sonya Boroba Take a flyover of the new Crenshaw Metro under construction see if you remember some of the areas. most of you have lived in the surroundings. just to give you an hunt The tour start from the big church on Crenshaw. Passes thru the Crenshaw mall and continu all the way to the airport and Redondo Beach. Let see if you remember Northrop University.”

Construction on the Crenshaw/LAX Line is underway right now, tunneling under parts of Los Angeles to create a new 8.5-mile long rail line that will bring eight new Metro stations to South LA and Inglewood and an eventual link to Los Angeles International Airport.

A new flyover video offers an easy way to visualize where the future light rail line will go and how it will fit into the neighborhoods it traverses when it opens in 2019. Continu reading